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Welcome to the ingredients page or OROPEDIA, as we like to call it. The OROPEDIA is an encyclopedia that describes the ingredients found in OROGOLD products. We understand that certain cosmetic ingredient names may be unfamiliar to you. It is our desire to educate our readers, allowing them to make more informed decisions about skincare products. For your convenience, we have included a listing of ingredients by category as well as in alphabetical order.

There is a growing trend among food and skin care consumers of reading product labels. It is excellent to see consumers taking charge of their health and making sure they know everything they are putting in and on their bodies. Unfortunately sometimes we read the labels and do not understand what the ingredients are and why they are included in the product we are buying. We also know that people with specific allergies sometimes experience reactions to skin care products. Ingredient labels include technical names often unknown to the average person. This makes it difficult for people with allergies to spot the culprit for their reactions even though they read labels. OROGOLD wants customers to feel confident in their purchases. We seek to educate our clients not only about the benefits of our products but also what ingredients are in them and why. Our OROPEDIA will explain what each ingredient is, what it does and why it is used in skin care.



115 May Not Be The Magic Number

The science of aging is a particular obsession of many of us who hope to enjoy healthy, long lives. We often do our best to keep up to date on research and do our best to ensure we’re taking care of ourselves in such a way as to ensure as long of a lifespan as possible. A healthy diet, regular 

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Your Pet Plays A Part In Your Anti-Aging Routine

We all know that our pets are our companions for life. They’re with us through the good times and the bad. They provide that unquestioning support that we all need sometimes. In many ways, that’s why many of us come to think of them as family. “Pet” doesn’t do that idea justice. They’re our companions in life just like the 

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Blame Your Bad Attitude On Summer

Summer is one of the seasons we most often associate with fun. It makes perfect sense given we’re getting all the sunlight we missed in winter as well as the warmth. We take advantage of it too. Summer parties, holidays, and private gatherings all try to take advantage of the seasons’ wonderful warmth. All of this helps to make us 

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Your Smartphone Makes You Less Smart

Many of us have come to wonder how we could ever get through our days without our smartphones. It makes sense. Those handy devices are capable of centralizing our scheduling, allow us to keep in contact with others, and can even let us do small bits of work while we’re on the move. They’re almost universally useful in the developed 

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New Treatment Options For Macular Degeneration

Making sure we maintain our health for as long as possible takes a variety of forms. For most of us this typically includes eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly. These positive habits go a long way towards maintaining our long term health. They aren’t foolproof guards against everything though. Various conditions creep in with age that a healthy lifestyle 

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