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OROGOLD is the world’s leading brand of luxury gold infused skincare products. The goal of OROGOLD is to provide each customer with not only the best quality products but also a top of the line experience. Our products offer the most effective results while conveying a sense of opulence whether used in store or at home. In light of our striving to provide the highest quality and level of service attention to detail is paramount for our company. The details go down to design choices. The colors scheme at our stores, consisting of “white opulence” paint color, gold, and accent black, is representative of our brand.

White opulence stands for the feeling we aim to convey to customers. From the moment you walk into a store you will feel the warm OROGOLD welcome. All of our staff members are highly trained beauty experts who are ready to answer all your skin care questions and assist you in choosing the perfect product or collection for your skin needs. We know that once you try our products you will fall in love. This is why our staff is happy to apply any products for you at our in store demonstration stations. The store locations are all appointed with comfortable and plush seating where you will be pampered. Some locations have VIP rooms and even VIP group rooms where you can enjoy a facial experience with friends or family in privacy. The opulence continues when you take the products home. The lavish design of our product packaging while make a striking addition to any makeup table or bathroom vanity. Not only is the packaging fabulous but the product within is as well. The formulations are beneficial to skin and in most cases rich and luxurious in their consistency as well. We want clients to have the same pampered experience at home as they do in our stores.

24K Nano Collection

24K Nano Collection

Every time you use one of our products we hope you are carried away to a spa in your mind. Gold has a literal connection to our brand, it is our signature ingredient, infused into each of our products. Not only has gold been associated with skin beautification throughout time,but it has a deeper symbolic connection to our brand. The brilliance and radiance of gold are emblematic of skin ideals we have for all our customers. We have studied the most cutting edge science in the anti-aging and skin care industries and used this extensive knowledge to formulate our products. This science is the reason we stand behind the results our products deliver. We are confident that the ingredients in our products will allow clients to achieve the youthful and radiant skin they desire. Our products are championed by OROGOLD customers all over the world who have experienced life changing results.

Black is associated with simplicity and classics. We have created OROGOLD Collections to make choosing skin care simple and straight forward. Are you searching for something to reduce signs of age spots or uneven skin tone? Try OROGOLD Bio-Brightening Collection designed to brighten the skin and fade signs of age spots, discoloration, blemishes, and more. Do you suffer from slick and oily skin? We have an Oil Control Collection aimed at helping with that. We have a Collection to help solve almost any skin need. Not only are they easy to choose and use but they will become classics in your medicine cabinet. The products you will reach for time and time again to take care of and nourish your skin.

Answering the question: “why choose OROGOLD?” is simple… choose OROGOLD to transform to the radiant and youthful looking skin you deserve.

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