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Welcome to the new OROGOLD School Reviews! Here you will find information about OROGOLD Cosmetics, ingredients used in OROGOLD products and Videos about OROGOLD products and skin care. We also invite you to connect with us through social media. OROGOLD School was designed to help answer your skin care questions.One thing we are really excited to introduce it OROpedia... the OROGOLD Encyclopedia. Not only will it include a comprehensive list of OROGOLD ingredient but we will keep you updated on the latest scientific updates in the skin care and cosmetics industry. We also bring you news about the ingredients in your skin care products. Another unique and exciting aspect of our site is the Video section. Here you can find videos about our products and collections along with clips about skin care. We have brought in OROGOLD's top skin care experts to bring this information to you. Some of our videos even feature OROGOLD brand ambassador Denise Richards! Take a look around to find out all the site has to offer. Thank you for visiting OROGOLD School!


OROGOLD Reports: Scientists Convert Your Skin Cells into Brain Cells - ORO GOLD Reviews

OROGOLD Cosmetics recently came across a study that was published in the Neuron Journal. This study was conducted by researchers from the Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis and it showed that skin cells can actually be converted into brain cells and made to function like native cells! This study showed that the human skin cells can be converted into brain cells by exposing them to the right transcription factors and microRNAs. The study is certainly unusual because the cells that were converted were directly converted into brain cells known as medium spiny neurons, without making them return to the stem cell stage, thereby avoiding the risk of creating other cell types altogether. Another thing that made this study unique was that the researchers were successful in transforming the skin cells into a particular type of brain cells, instead of a particular range of cells. According to the study, the brain cells that were produced from the skin cells managed to survive for almost 6 months after being injected into the brains of a group of mice. The researchers also indicated that these cells were important in helping to control the movement and were the main type... Read More »

When You Get Married Really Matters

Thousands of women who got married early have found out that things work quite well for them. They believe that getting married early really helps them to live a fulfilled and enriched life. However, those who believe otherwise, like to base their arguments on data which suggests that women who marry later are less likely to get divorced. The same data also suggests that women who marry later are more likely to earn more when compared to women who get married early. So the question that needs answering is whether you should wait before tying the knot. OROGOLD Cosmetics examines the evidence for and against marrying early and tries to help you understand when to get married. The evidence in this case is certainly mixed. It might not come as a surprise to you but when you get married mostly depends on what you’re looking to get out of your life, your marriage and your career. First and foremost, there is a lot of hard core data when it comes to the age at which one should get married. According to Sociologist Brad Wilcox, those who get married younger are somewhat different than those who marry when... Read More »

OROGOLD Reviews the Science Behind When to Get Engaged

How do you pick the perfect moment to ask your other half the BIG question? How do you make your romantic decisions? Do you base your decisions on your gut feeling or make use of science while approaching decisions on love? Do you have a pro-and-con list that you follow or are there other factors that you base your decisions on? OROGOLD has discovered that advances in the field of neuroscience can go a long way in determining how the human brain makes romantic choices. Jonah Lehrer, the author of How We Decide, states that studies of the human brain have shown that there is a lot of information that cannot be accounted for. Simply put, the rational side of your brain is not equipped to make decisions like when to get married. According to Jonah, the rational side of the human brain can only take in 7 pieces of information at a time. The moment you increase the amount of information being processed, the brain begins to work like one of those ancient computers. Due to these limitations, it always helps to listen to the emotional part of your brain when it comes to making big decisions, because... Read More »

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The History of OROGOLD

OROGOLD was established to provide consumers with cutting edge skin care with an emphasis on anti-aging and a luxury experience. The anti-aging industry is growing by leaps and bounds whether it is in scientific technology being developed to extend life or skin care products to improve the appearance of aging skin. Seeing the consumer demand for products that help them retain a youthful appearance inspired the formation of the OROGOLD brand. Fusing the goal to provide the latest in skin care advances with a customer experience that goes above and beyond led to the use of gold as our signature ingredient. All OROGOLD products are infused with the finest gold imported from Italy.

Gold has been synonymous with beauty and luxury since its discovery. Although it is not known for certain when gold was first discovered, it is presumed to have been discovered by early hominids. There is mention of gold in the Bible which is believed to have been committed to paper beginning nearly 3500 years ago. Ancient Egyptian documents and inscriptions contain references to gold mining, geology and metallurgy dating back to at least to 3100 B.C. Ancient royalty was enamored with the metal; Cleopatra was rumored to have slept in a gold mask every night. This was just the beginning of a mystical journey to the present day when gold is still considered a valuable and revered metal. Infusing the products of a world renowned skin care company with this treasured metal is a suitable combination.

Cleopatra was rumored to have slept in a gold mask to preserve her beauty

Cleopatra used gold in her skin care routine

Gold is a representation of the OROGOLD experience – sumptuous and fit for royalty. The welcoming feel as soon as you walk into a location is no accident. Our staff is trained to provide clients with a pampering and educational experience. The beauty advisors at each location are educated in the world of skin care and with knowledge of OROGOLD products. Complimentary facials are offered to try out any of the products sold in our stores. It is our aim that every customer walk out feeling confident and excited about their purchase. Once they bring home their products we deliver the same indulgent experience in beautifully designed packaging. All of our products are carefully formulated. They must all give off enticing aromas and feel fabulous on the skin. The formulation of our products is designed to not only feel nice but work effectively as well. Each product goes through strenuous testing and lab research before being produced for sale. This ensures that the benefits are not empty promises, but rather tangible results. Customer feedback attests to the outstanding effects of OROGOLD products. Our brand ambassador, Denise Richards also raves about how OROGOLD beautifies her skin even. Her skin faces hardships like frequent travel and lack of sleep due to her work as an actress and mother. It is our honor to help Richards and all our customers improve their skin. The creation of this site grew out of a desire to educate customers more thoroughly about skin care and our company. OROGOLD is a quickly growing company expanding across the world but we do not have location accessible to every person. For this reason we hope that this site will be an additional resource, to consumers, besides our store staff.

The Oaks The Oaks Mall VIP Suite located in Los Angeles CA

OROGOLD Experience

In order to help you understand the benefits each product and collection offers this site includes ingredient information. The ingredients will be explained, offering information on what they are, how they work and why they are used in skin care. The best way to know what your skin care products are doing for you is to understand what they are made up of. You will be confident knowing that only the best stuff is used in the products you put on your body. Besides our signature ingredient gold, we use many different components in our product formulations. They are custom blended in our manufacturing facilities to provide the best combination for effective results. Some other notable ingredients utilized in our products are DMAE, short for Dimethylaminoethanol, Hydroxy Acids, Peptides, Collagen, and Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, among others. We select the most effective ingredients for our products and want you to feel assured of that.

One of OROGOLD's many effective collections, the 24K DMAE Collection

The OROGOLD 24K DMAE Collection

OROGOLD products are split into 15 Collections each focusing on a specific skin concern like the Oil-Control Collection, Bio-Brightening Collection and Eye Series Collection. They contain unique ingredient formulations to target a specific area of concern or skin type. We also have Collections which are designed for a wide variety of skin types and daily use like the Daily Essentials Collection and the Vitamin C Collection. If you desire something more basic, try out the Daily Essentials Series, besides stand-alone products, this collection includes a kit for travel and one with the basic necessities: a day cream, a night cream and a peel. While all the collections have anti-aging components, some of them focus on certain aspects of more youthful looking skin. They include the Collagen, Bionic, DMAE, Termica, Cryogenic, Caviar, and Nano Collections. The Collagen Collection logically targets increasing the production of Collagen in the skin. The DMAE Collection is named after an ingredient known for its anti-aging effects such as firming and diminishing the look of lines. There is even a Men’s Collection, also offering anti-aging benefits. With 15 Collections anyone can find the best group of products for their skin. Our products work just as effectively when mixed and matched among the collections. Take a look through the site to see which products match your skin best. Some people require more customized solutions for their skin care. We invite you to visit a Vine Vera location for custom personalized consultations and complimentary facials to be advised by a professional which products are best to care for your skin.

Our site also has a video page that contains various types of media ranging from educational clips to commercials. Our skin care experts are excited to share their knowledge with you. They are constantly designing new ways to introduce information. They like to frequently make short informational videos explaining products or highlighting special ingredients. Visit the page often to find new and exciting content.

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