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Beauty Tips from OROGOLD’s House Esthetician

Maria, OROGOLD House Esthetician

People are always asking us what our top beauty and skin care tips are, as there are always ways to improve upon an existing beauty regime. We took many of your questions and queries to Maria, OROGOLD’s House Esthetician, and have brought back some of her expert beauty tips.

Never Self-Diagnose Your Skin Type
Self-diagnosing our skin type is something that the majority of us are guilty of, and, with all of the different skin type guides and DIY tests available, who can really blame us? However, Maria has informed us that when it comes to skin care, the most important thing to remember is “don’t self-diagnose your skin type”, as she has seen countless clients who were all certain that they knew their skin type, only to find out that they didn’t. Unless you are a professional, it will rarely be possible to accurately diagnose your skin type, which means that you will never really know the best and worst products to use. OROGOLD recommends visiting a dermatologist, or a skin care expert at a beauty store near you.

Hygiene is the Most Important Aspect of Skin Care
You may believe that you are doing your skin the world of good with all of the expensive, targeted skin care products that you apply each day. However, many people tend to overlook a key aspect of their skin care routine – good hygiene. This includes making sure to not touch your face often, never squeezing pimples and changing your pillowcases a few times a week. Maria also pointed out that we should regularly be cleaning our phones, as this is something that is held against the face on a regular basis, and comes into contact with all sorts of other surfaces.

Your Skin is an External Reflection of What is Going on Inside Your Body
Your skin is your biggest organ, and is made up of 85% water. Although you may not realize it, your skin is actually a reflection of what is going on inside your body, and it is important to listen to what it is telling you. Maria pointed out that, quite often, skin issues can be traced back deeper into the body, because “your skin reflects any problems with your liver, kidneys or hormones”. When the liver is not doing a good job of breaking down toxins, they need to find another way to exit the body, and this ends up being through the skin, causing eczema, rashes, dermatitis and more. Acne tends to indicate that there is an imbalance in your hormones, while puffy eyes can often mean that there are issues with your kidneys. This is all another reason why it is important to never self-diagnose your skin issues, as they could be an indicator of a more serious problem within.

As Maria advises, those of you with troubled skin should seek the expert knowledge of a professional, so that you can sooner understand if this is just an indication of a deeper problem. Those of you with healthy skin should still visit an expert to have your skin type diagnosed, as this will mean that you will be better informed when purchasing skin and beauty products in the future. OROGOLD hopes that you have found Maria’s expert beauty tips as helpful and as useful as we have!

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