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Dark Circles May Be Genetic

Woman trying to conceal her dark circles

Dark circles are one of those common skincare problems that end up being alternately frustrating and one of those things we simply sigh and accept. After all, it often seems like some of us just get them far easier than others. Why this is has been a confusing for a long time, but there seems to be a degree of proof that propensity for dark circles is likely partly found in our genetics. This isn’t really that much of a relief to many of us dealing with dark circles though it is at least a nod to the fact that it may not be solely our fault. Understanding the various factors that contribute to dark circles can end up allowing us to work against them and thereby ensure that we lessen the need for quick touch-ups in the morning. With that in mind, let’s take a quick look at the various causes and the potential genetic link that they can exacerbate.

In The Genes
There are a couple of major factors with considering when examining genetic links to dark circles. The first of these is the connection between genetics and allergies. Some of us seem to end up with an inherited susceptibility to allergies. There are some links between this and how commonly people experience dark circles. When we’re exposed to certain allergens, it can lead to poor sleep quality that in turn contributes to dark circles. Many of us also unconsciously rub our eyes when our eyes are watery and this can damage the sensitive skin around our eyes and in turn cause dark circles to be even more visible. The other genetic consideration is how thick your skin is overall. Remember that different areas of your skin have a varying thickness with your body having among the thickest and the area around your eyes is the thinnest. Having thin skin via genetics ends up making you more prone to experiencing dark circles.

A Matter of Health
As we touched on above, poor sleep tends to cause dark circles more than almost anything. That lack of sleep doesn’t do the rest of your health any favors either. It isn’t the only factor in your overall health that can end up causing dark circles though. Diet tends to figure heavily into more things than we’d think. An unhealthy diet tends to lack a lot of the nutrients that we need to keep our bodies in good shape. Remember that doctors advise a balanced diet specifically because you need the variety of vitamins and nutrients represented by it. Without a balanced diet, your body begins to lack the necessary building blocks for repairs and overall maintenance of the body. Your skin tends to show it fairly quickly because without the necessary nutrients your skin can’t fuel the processes that create collagen and other proteins to repair things or have the requisite energy to do the repairs even if it has the materials.

Smoking Eyes
It is worth noting that certain habits have a way of exacerbating one’s chances of experiencing dark circles. Smoking is one of the worst thanks to the toxicity it introduces into the body. The various harmful chemicals and free radicals introduced into the body destroy collagen in the skin. This makes it prone to drying out in addition to just thinning overall. Thin, dry skin is incredibly sensitive and therefore even more prone to damage. The increasing inability of the skin to produce enough collagen to repair the damaged areas means dark circles are all but certain for anyone who smokes. You can expect an even worse problem if you’re already genetically prone to thin skin. As a result, it is in your best interest to avoid smoking if you want to get rid of dark circles. It will be better for your overall health as well as your skin. Don’t forget to use a nourishing cream with vitamins A, C, and E to help replenish the area around your eyes though.

Dark circles are likely to never stop being one of those universal skin frustrations. They end up cropping up for no fault of our own as often as they do because of something we’ve done. Good skincare and health practices will help avoid the worst of things though and help avoid or minimize the appearance of dark circles and help us feel more confident in our appearances.

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