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The Road To 20 / 20 Vision

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Vision is one of those things that tends to start causing us problems far sooner than we’d like. After all, some people start having difficulties in early childhood while others can end up having perfect vision until their 40s or 50s. It all depends on genetics and one’s environment. Vision issues are a problem whenever they turn up though. They limit one’s ability to engage in a world that is primarily centered on visual cues. That’s why we’ve developed so many ways of working towards fixing or at the very least offsetting vision loss. The road to 20/20 vision isn’t terribly easy, but there are options out there for almost everyone. It is largely a matter of what you’re comfortable with as a form of treatment. Let’s take a quick look at some of the major ways to repair your vision and the benefits and drawbacks of each of the options so that we have a sound basis for making a decision.

This is the most common method of vision correction available to us today. Glasses are a visible marker of the fact you have difficulty seeing, but easy and comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Various frames choices allow your glasses to also be an aesthetic choice that ensures you’re able to convey your personality in a further way. This element of style is part of what makes glasses particularly popular. Some people will even wear glasses frames with non-prescription lens simply to make a statement. That is what makes people love them so much. There are some downsides to using glasses to correct your vision though. Glasses are, as stated above, obvious and can tilt your personal style or aesthetic in a way that you don’t like. This is why many people seek out another option like contacts to get their vision corrected, but without there being any sign that vision correction was required.

Those of us who enjoy how we look and would prefer not to alter it in any way is likely to opt for contacts instead of glasses. As a subtle option, contacts fit directly on your eyes and correct the problem. They’re all but invisible to most people. Contacts make for a good option for anyone who would like to carry on without anyone ever knowing they needed glasses. There is a downside to this though. As we said, contacts fit directly on your eyes. This can easily lead to complications if you don’t remove the contacts each evening. Failing to remove them can eventually cause the contacts to become stuck to your eyes and risk infections. Improper care of the contacts risks the same problems. Not only will you need to carefully remove them from your eyes each night, but you’ll also need to soak them in a solution to clean and sterilize them for continued use. Overall, this makes them more intensive to use than glasses.

Laser Eye Surgery
Sometimes one doesn’t want to fuss with any external means of correcting one’s vision. Fortunately, there are surgeries for that these days with positive long term outcomes. Various names exist for the different kinds of laser eye surgery, but the goal is always the same: correct vision issues. Most of the widely available versions work through using a tool to create a slight gap in a protective film around the eye to allow a laser to pass through without disruption. The laser is then used to reshape the cornea and fix any vision issues. Depending on the surgery, the protective film will either be placed back into place and bandaged with a temporary contact or the area will simply be protected and allowed to heal the area over the course of the next week. These corrective surgeries can clear up many forms of vision impairment and can restore 20/20 vision easily providing you have the time to set aside to undergo the procedures and recover.

While we don’t have a way to make the eye heal its own vision yet, we certainly have various technologies and techniques for correcting or repairing vision impairment. Glasses remain and likely will remain one of the most popular options, but contacts and surgeries offer everyone further options for going on mostly as if nothing has happened. Regardless of your choice, they’ll all ensure you can walk into the future with your vision being just fine.

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