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The Truth About Stem Cells for Skin Care – OROGOLD Reviews

Injecting DNA in a stem cell.

The use of stem cells has been taking over headlines around the world for years now, and even more so now that the beauty industry is utilizing stem cells in skin care products. Stem cells are highly prized, because they are not only able to turn into any other type of cell from the organism that they came from, but once they have done so, they are also able to reproduce even more of those cells. However, the stem cell technology that is used in medicine, which extracts stem cells from unfertilized eggs or from human embryos, is different from the plant-based stem cells that are used in skin care. These cells are actually taken from the stem of a plant, giving them their name.

How it Works
Stem cells, as well as having the ability to transform into any other type of cell, are also able to repair aging skin, which is why they are so sought after by the beauty industry. In theory, by applying a product containing stem cell extracts from plants onto your skin, you can encourage your skin’s stem cells to grow, triggering their anti-aging effects. These plant stem cells are grown in a lab, safe from any pollution or pesticides, giving scientists full control over the quantity and quality of the stem cells that each plant produces.

The Plants Used
Certain plants have stem cells that are much more valuable than others, and these are the ones that are grown by scientists. Edelweiss, a small, white mountain flower, contains many properties that could potentially lead to younger looking skin. Gotu Kola, a plant that is native to the swamps of Sri Lanka, Madagascar, India and Indonesia, also has anti-aging benefits, and has been found to increase collagen in the face. Other plants commonly used are raspberry plants, Swiss apple, lilac, algae and grape seed.

Does it Actually Work?
Unfortunately, there is still much more research needed on stem cells in skin care products, and it is still unclear whether or not they actually improve the health and appearance of skin. However, OROGOLD discovered that have been some studies carried out that show that stem cells can increase the production of collagen, which helps to keep our skin elastic. Plant stem cells are also high in antioxidants, meaning that even if the stem cells don’t make a difference, the products are still likely to do your skin some good.

When buying a product that contains stem cells, it is important to not be tricked by marketing tactics and to look closely at the ingredient list to see how much of the active ingredient is actually in the product. Stem cells should be the first ingredient on the list, but, if it is near the end, it means that the product only contains a minimal amount of stem cells, and this is unlikely to make a difference to your skin. Due to the cost of research and development for stem cell skin care products, the price of the products are usually quite high, so unless it is something that you are determined to try, it may be best to wait for a few years until the novelty wears off and stem cell skin care products become more mainstream.

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