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Dairy Products or Calcium Supplements Might Not Strengthen Bones

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People talk a great deal about the benefits of calcium for the body. It helps build up and reinforce bones according to most sources. Organizations recommend varying amounts depending on age to ensure proper bone health. All of this may amount to nothing though due to a recent study. It found no significant connection between bone health, the use of calcium supplements, or dietary calcium intake. This initially seems like a lot of people have been lying, but the truth is a bit more complicated than that. Context is needed and OROGOLD shall provide it. Before we get into the details of this study, you should know that this does not mean your body doesn’t need calcium. It still does. The study is just about precisely how useful two forms of acquiring calcium are for a particular age group. Do keep drinking or eating calcium-rich food and drink as part of balanced diet.

What the Study Found
One of the biggest concerns for those of a more mature age is keeping their bones healthy. A broken bone is painful at any age, but as our body ages it becomes more and more of a problem as it is harder for the body to repair the damage. Additionally, fractures at older ages run the risks of more complications. This is why many people recommend particular calcium intakes become routine for people exiting middle age. Most of the time this is through supplements or diet. The study found that fifty other studies actually showed no noticeable improvement for mature people taking calcium supplements or eating a calcium-rich diet. Bones broke at more or less the same rate regardless of this medical intervention. This isn’t the only disheartening thing they found though.

The Risks of Supplementation
Supplements are quick, easy, and less of a hassle than preparing a full meal. The problem is that high concentration supplements are common and they are, at least when it comes to calcium, probably doing more harm than good. The medical outcomes of those in the study using supplementation tended to display additional health problems. These included heart and circulatory system issues, kidney stones, and other issues associated with excess calcium. Issues were less common when calcium intake was through diet and they did find more calcium in bones. It just didn’t stop anyone from breaking their bones. OROGOLD strongly suggests that its mature audience talk to their doctors about ways to change your diet if you have previously been told to take a calcium supplement. It is far better to get your calcium from your diet in the long run than it is to risk too much calcium in your diet from supplementation.

What Can You Do?
The study seems initially grim. There is no quick fix for bone health in an aging body anymore and it seems only a matter of time before one might break a bone. Things aren’t without hope though. Doctors continue to recommend maintaining a decently active lifestyle as a means to help age gracefully. Extra nutrients are good in that they provide something for your body to work with, but if you don’t use the appropriate parts of the body then you’ll eventually have issues simply due to disuse. Discuss exercises and other activities with your doctor that are appropriate to your health. Using your body and putting weight on bone and muscle is what keeps it active and healthy. There will still be some loss of bone health, but it won’t be as drastic if you sat at home in a room for fear of breaking a bone. People evolved to move and, as a result, you should keep moving.

Just because calcium supplements and dietary calcium may not actually be useful for preventing bone loss doesn’t mean at least dietary calcium still has its place. OROGOLD would like to stress again that calcium is a vital nutrient that the body needs and will continue to need. It just turns out that it isn’t terribly useful for a particular use in a particular group. Do keep eating a balanced diet and taking care of yourself. Don’t forget to move though as even light exercise is one of the best things you can do for your body as you age.

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