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Sensory deprivation is one of those things that gets talked about a lot, but comparatively few people have truly experienced. After all, our bodies are hardwired to constantly take in information through all of our senses and that includes something as subtle as a sense of weight and gravity that most of us entirely ignore. This fact alone makes it hard to disconnect from one’s senses. There are potential benefits though. Some people have found such experiences to be helpful to them creatively or on a personal level by helping them reach deeper within themselves. True sensory deprivation is harder to come by than you’d think though. There are plenty of options available for those who wish to try it, but most at-home options tend to be hit or miss when compared to more professional options. Where do you start when looking for this sort of thing though? Let’s take a quick look at what you’ll need to do to work towards getting to properly experience sensory deprivation.

Professional Facilities
One of the best options available for most of us is to simply look for professional facilities that offer sensory deprivation as a service. Some spas offer it as an option, but there are also businesses that have sensory deprivation as their primary form of business. The form this takes tends to vary depending on the business though. Some businesses maintain areas known as float rooms that expand upon the traditional “tank”-style of sensory deprivation to give a wider open space than a tank. This helps to ease some people’s worries about feel claustrophobic as well as providing a comparatively open feeling in the air around you. Tanks tend to be far more common though. These devices, true to their name, as enclosed tubs of epsom salt heavy water that can be closed by a technician or the person intending to experience sensory deprivation. They may or may not have lights depending on the model of tank. Professional services ensure you have a quality experience, but you can try at home.

Your Own Space
There are personal tank models available on the market for interested parties. These are often the same models used in businesses or based upon them. The catch is that you or someone in your employ needs to be the one to ensure that the tank is properly cared for and meets the right requirements. Many people might consider this a hassle, but having constant access to a sensory deprivation tank means you can enjoy the unique experience whenever you want instead of it being on someone else’s time. This will appeal to some of us. There is lesser version of sensory deprivation that people discuss occasionally that involve using household objects, but most of these come nowhere near the actual experience. As a result, it tends to be best for anyone in an urban environment to seek out a professional service if they want to experience sensory deprivation. The question remains on why someone would want to do this beyond the vague reasons people often cite and if there is actually anything to those claims.

The Benefits
Sensory deprivation tanks started out as being popular with people seeking an altered state of consciousness. That’s why they occasionally still carry an association with psychedelic drugs for some people. In truth, the environment within the tank is designed to help you step away from yourself simply by “hacking” your perceptions. The waters are at room temperature and keep you buoyant throughout the experience while your hearing, sight, and senses of touch and gravity are suspended. You’re left with your thoughts and ability to breathe. Many people have come away from it experiencing profound stress relief as it helps them sort through the things that occupy their minds. Some people have experienced positive journeys into themselves that allowed them to be honest about a problem. These have turned up time and time again in both studies and individual anecdotes. In many ways, a stay in a sensory deprivation tank is a short break from yourself.

Sensory deprivation tanks are an experience many people are curious to try. There are typically plenty of options for trying that in many metropolitan areas, but you can arrange to have options at home as well. The best experiences will generally be at professional establishments though. Getting away from yourself for a short time can be truly relaxing. It is ultimately up to you how you wish to seek this sort of experience. Regardless of how you seek it out, it seems almost certain that it will be something to remember.

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