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Are Parabens Really Bad Guys? OROGOLD Reviews

Chemical formula of parabens used in food and cosmetics.

Parabens are a preservative that have been widely used in many everyday makeup and beauty products for almost seventy years now. Without the parabens preserving the products, our moisturizers, creams, and makeup would be overloaded with harmful bacteria and fungus, especially in the warm environment of a bathroom, making them harmful to the body. However, in recent times, parabens have been gaining an extremely bad reputation for doing more harm than good in the products that they are used in. OROGOLD investigates into whether or not parabens are really in fact as bad as they are said to be.

Where Do Parabens Come From?
We usually believe that ingredients derived from plants can only be good for us, and cast more of a suspicious eye over ingredients that have been chemically created, and where the origins cannot be fully understood. However, plenty of plants contain elements that are known to disrupt the body, such as marijuana, or many of the plants used to create medicine. Parabens, which many people believe to be chemical-based, are actually derived from plants, and are formed from an acid that is found in raspberries and blackberries.

What Exactly is the Problem with Parabens?
In the 1990s, it was discovered that parabens mimicked the hormone oestrogen in the body. This so-called ‘oestrogen disruption’ has not only been linked to breast cancer, but also to different infertility problems. This link was strengthened in 2004, when a British cancer researcher found parabens were present in the tissues of malignant breast tumors. However, there are many critics that have pointed out that the studies were biased, as the tissues from healthy breasts were not examined to see if they contained parabens, and that just because the tumors contained parabens does not mean that the parabens caused the cancer. The US Food and Drug Administration, as well as the World Health Organization, both consider the level of parabens in cosmetic products to be minimal, meaning that they are safe in such small doses.

Should You Be Avoiding Parabens?
Parabens are from a natural source, and plenty of other foods that haven’t been linked to breast cancer and infertility contain parabens, such as cucumbers, cherries, carrots and beans. However, the many studies that have been carried out on the link between parabens and breast cancer are still slightly worrying. Although there are many paraben-free products that are now available, they are ironically using chemicals to create a synthetic form of paraben instead, which is also not going to be any good for your skin. If your favorite products do contain parabens, do not worry, as the small doses are not likely to do you any harm. However, try to refrain from using any products under your arms, sticking to plain soap and water for this area, as this seems to be the area where the most cancer tissues containing parabens are found. OROGOLD recommends opting for natural products whenever possible, and researching into what preservatives are used in a product before you buy it, so that you are fully aware of what it contains.

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