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Beach Beauty Skin Tips

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Now that summer is finally here, many of us will be spending much more time down at the beach. Although it goes without saying that sunscreen is absolutely essential, there are many other steps that you can take to ensure that your radiant beachy skin lasts all summer long. OROGOLD brings you some of our top beach beauty skin care tips to help keep your skin happy, healthy and glowing this summer.

Fitness Routine
Whether it’s a long run on the beach, or some beachside yoga, it is important to establish a fitness routine during the summer. Don’t be afraid to sweat, as this is the way in which your body not only regulates its temperature, but also releases toxins, loosens the dirt in your pores, and boosts your circulation, giving you bright, radiant summer skin.

Regular Facial Masks
As important as it is to use facial masks on a regular basis, it becomes even more crucial when you have been spending time at the beach. All of the excess sweat, dirt, and impurities, as well as any makeup you may be wearing, will work their way into your pores, and although cleansing each night will help to clear this away, your cleanser won’t be able to reach deep within your pores to clean them out. In order to keep your skin smooth and clear, and avoid any breakouts or blackheads, a regular facial mask is vital.

Hydration is extremely important in order to have gorgeous beachy skin, especially if you have been lying in the sun and losing moisture through sweat. OROGOLD recommends always keeping a bottle of water with you, infusing it with fruit or herbs to give it an added burst of flavor, and to give you an extra boost of skin-loving antioxidants.

Stop Using AHAs
AHAs, which include glycolic acid, are commonly found in many exfoliants, but, many do not realize that AHAs actually make the skin up to 45% more photosensitive. If you are planning a long stretch at the beach, OROGOLD strongly advises that you stop using any products that contain AHAs at least 7 days prior to your long sun exposure, as you don’t want to encourage any extra sun damage.

SPF Snacks
Recent studies have shown that eating certain foods will help to protect your skin from sun damage. Although wearing sunscreen is still essential, having some extra protection within your body can never hurt. Fruits and vegetables that have red pigment are the ones that are the most effective at this, so OROGOLD recommends packing a beach lunch that contains lots of strawberries or tomatoes.

The beach is one of the best places to spend these long summer days, but it is essential that you take good care of your skin, so that you can rest assured that it is as healthy as possible. OROGOLD reminds you to re-apply your sunscreen every two hours, and don’t forget about certain areas of your face, such as your eyelids, ears and hairline, as well as your feet and toes.

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