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Doctor Recommended Skincare Tips For Men

Man taking care of his skin
Men generally don’t get told much in the way of skincare tips. Yes, there are endless, often misinformed, tips on how to properly shave, but next to nothing is mentioning on how to properly care for the skin the facial hair is on. Men and others with higher testosterone levels aren’t automatically exempted from skincare due to testosterone. In fact, they tend to actually need good skincare slightly more in many cases due to having naturally oilier skin and their pores tend to be less constricted and as a result more prone to gathering debris. If you want to look your best, you do have to give a care to how you’re taking care of your skin as good shaving won’t cut it anymore. Fortunately, there are plenty of dermatologist-recommended tips for anyone with more testosterone than skincare sense. We’re going to go over a few of the basic, but important options so that you can get a clear idea of how to properly take care of your skin to ensure you look your best.

Shave Properly
Seriously, you need to use a shaving product of some sort. It doesn’t matter if it is a gel, a foam, or something else. Yes, some of those are better than others, but using any of them is better than not using them. Failing to properly prepare the skin for a shave with a lubricating layer is asking for skin troubles. It makes the skin far more irritated than it otherwise would be during and after a shave. A good product will add the lubricating layer at the same time that it helps to soften the hairs to make them easier to shave. This will make the entire affair far easier and reduce your chances of ingrown hairs and cuts. Sounds good, right? It gets better. Shaving properly also helps to exfoliate the facial skin. This help fight back against the signs of aging to a degree and helps keep your looks far longer than you would otherwise. Anyone not keen on shaving it all off should remember to keep their facial hair tidy and to wash the skin beneath it too as neglecting this step will hurt your skin.

Moisturizing one’s skin is important for everyone. It helps to seal moisture in your skin and maintain your skin’s natural moisture retention. That decreases with age and is partly responsible for the appearance of fine lines and the overall dulling of the skin as it dries out. A good moisturizing routine actually helps you keep looking younger. This gets even better as properly moisturized skin is far more resistant to irritation and,¬†as a result, it is healthier. Anyone with dry skin should favor a heavy moisturizer such as a cream while people with oily skin will want to favor lighter products such as a toner. Relatively middle of the road skin just needs a decent lotion to keep it happy. Apply it carefully on your face at least once a day to help ensure you get the best results. The best time for using a moisturizer is within the first five to ten minutes you get out of the shower as the product will have plenty of moisture to seal in your skin for a better level of protection.

Wear Sunscreen
This is a skincare tip that cannot be stressed enough and yet a lot of people, especially men, tend to ignore it. Your skin needs protection from the sun. This is especially true for anyone with a profession or leisure activity that keeps them outside for long periods of time. The sun is your skin’s enemy when it comes to good health. Fortunately, you can relatively easily protect your skin simply by remembering to apply the appropriate sunscreen. All it really takes is an investment in a sunscreen that offers broad spectrum protection of at least SPF 30. This will protect your skin fairly well as long as you remember to apply it regularly. Sunscreen needs to be applied every two to three hours to remain fully effective. It is worth noting that, ideally, you shouldn’t apply sunscreen intended for your body to your face if you can help it. This will likely lead to clogged pores. If you can get a moisturizer with ingredients that offer broad spectrum SPF 30 incorporated, then that will serve you best when it comes to your face.

Skincare is that hard for anyone. Our skin, despite differences from hormone levels, tends to all follow very similar rules since we’re all human. Even people who have no previous skincare experience can follow these basic tips we’ve offered to help themselves on their way towards better skincare. This will help you keep your skin happier and you looking your best.

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