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Milia Causes and Treatments

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We all know our skin is subject to countless factors. It is our body’s protection from the outside world and tends to face down all potential issues before they get a chance to make anything worse. Thankfully, your skin has an automatic method for repairing itself and getting rid of damaged cells to ensure that your skin is always well-defended. It doesn’t stop everything though. Sometimes your genetics don’t quite agree with you and skin issues crop up in a way that is harder to treat. All three of these factors contribute to potential skin issues ranging from potentially dangerous issues to purely benign issues that simply make getting out desired aesthetic harder. Milia is one example of the latter category. These tiny bumps near your eyes are surprisingly common and most of us have had them even if we didn’t know what we were looking at at the time. We’re going to take a closer look at this issue so that you know what to expect and potential treatments to make milia disappeared faster.

Making Milia
Simply put, milia are a sign that something isn’t quite right beneath your skin. This tends to vary depending on the kind of milia that you’re experiencing, but at the same time, they look exactly the same. The best way to think of them as spots where a cyst has form beneath the skin. Cysts form around unwelcome or unhealthy materials beneath the skin. Milia cysts are generally a response to a buildup from mistaken oil or sweat production. However, there are ones that come about simply from errors in the continual production and shedding of skin. Milia bumps are typically the color of your skin or slightly lighter depending on how pronounced the bump is. They’re pretty much universally harmless though. In fact, most of the time they’ll actually vanish within a few months as your body sorts out the problem on its own, but we don’t always like waiting.

Making Better Habits
You might actually be responsible for causing milia with your skin care habits. That means shifting your habits to try and ensure that you minimize problematic behaviors. If you favor heavier makeup, you’ll want to work on shifting your beauty routine towards lighter products. Remember that heavier routines do tend to trap things in your skin simply due to layering. You can end up making your skin unhappy on a number of levels by indiscriminately heavy makeup. Think of it as a kind of makeup primarily for special occasions and that should be enough to help you avoid issues or reduce them. Additionally, try to find noncomedogenic products. These are specially formulated to avoid clogging your pores. Your skin will thank you for the forethought by not breaking out and a lower chance for milia. These habit changes can do a lot for you, but you also want to make sure that you’re thoroughly cleaning your skin too.

Cleaning It Up
If you’re in the habit of skipping cleaning off your makeup at night, you’re going to want to make sure you do that fairly regularly. Cleansing and exfoliation are all key to ensuring your skin is healthy. They help your skin clean itself properly by reducing accidental buildup like the issues that can cause milia. A through cleansing is typically quite good for encouraging milia to go away as long as you keep up that level of cleanliness. You do typically want to start off with a spa day though. A good facial will give you a solid starting ground and you can arrange for regular ones to keep your skin that extra level of clean if you truly want to counter milia quickly. Spa facial will cleanse, exfoliate, steam, and otherwise clean up your skin and pores to a degree you won’t otherwise be able to achieve. You can still get away with only starting there though if you put in the effort to maintain the cleanliness.

You don’t need to worry if you happen to develop milia. It is a benign skin condition caused by things getting trapped beneath your skin. While your skin will deal with it within a few months, you can accelerate the healing and guard against further instances through good skincare. A thorough facial can give you a good starting point in this regard, but thorough at-home routines can be good as well. They key to treating milia is simply good skin care.

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