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OROGOLD on 5 Beauty Benefits from the Sea – ORO GOLD Reviews

Woman looking into the seaAs the beach season comes to a close and we move into the beautiful autumn seasons, many people let out a disappointing sigh every now and then as the lure of the sea keeps beckoning them. But, whoever said that you need to go to a beach to relive its intoxicating smells and beauty. Yes, you might miss out on the excitement of water sports, but there’s no missing out on the tender loving care. Apart from offering a rich marine life, the sea also offers us with a wide range of skin care ingredients that can help us to recreate the perfect beach-like atmosphere and a luxurious spa-like setting. From nourishing seaweeds to the detoxing dead sea mud, there are just so many sea ingredients that can do wonders for the skin. OROGOLD reviews the top 5 beauty benefits from the sea that you need to know about.


Algae needs no introduction. It is famous for its skin benefits and it is known to contain all sorts of vitamins, proteins, minerals and antioxidants that can take your skin care to the next level. Some of the main benefits that algae has to offer include flawless looking skin, anti-aging and a smoother skin tone. Furthermore, algae also helps you to strengthen the natural barrier function of your skin, thereby helping you to look more hydrated and beautiful.

Dead Sea Mud

The Dead Sea is considered to be the biggest and most natural spa in the world. It’s mud contains 26 different minerals and is known to be extremely beneficial for your skin. Slathering your skin with dead sea mud can not only make it look more hydrated, but it also helps the oxygen in your body to flow fluently. This gives you a glowing look and allows you to replenish vitamins and minerals in your body, thereby offering a stronger, younger and healthier look.

Marine Collagen

Marine Collagen is known to be as beneficial as Botox treatments for your skin, that too without causing any pain. Collagen is a natural protein found in your muscles, blood vessels, connective tissues and your skin. It helps your skin to stay young and firm. As the human body ages, the production of collagen also begins to decrease. This is one of the main reasons why your skin begins to look old and develops things like fine lines and wrinkles. Marine Collagen can help you replenish your detoriating collagen levels. Experts believe that the best thing about marine collagen is that it gets absorbed quickly into the body and doesn’t contain any harmful effects either. The main benefit offered by marine collagen is anti-aging, but it can also help you to fight all sorts of skin issues and conditions.

Sea Salt

Sea salt is considered to be one of the purest minerals in the world. It contains at least 75 different minerals and elements which makes it one of the most sought after ingredients in skin care. Have you ever felt the toxins from your bodies clearing away as you lay down by the sea and allow its warm salty waters to caress your body? One of the main reasons behind this feel are sea salts. These magnificent ingredients can cleanse your skin, improve its tone, strengthen the skin, promote tissue repair and also help you to fight the signs of aging. If this wasn’t enough, sea salts also go a long way in promoting skin hydration.


Yes, we’re talking about those slimy sea plants that you’re always trying to avoid. Well, as research would have it, seaweed is considered to offer all sorts of skin benefits such as improving the skin’s elasticity and suppleness, moisturizing the skin, reducing the signs of aging and stimulating cell production.

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