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OROGOLD Reports: Younger Generations Begin Turning to Anti-Aging Skin Care Products

Young woman applying anti-aging products.

Millennials, also known as Generation Y, were born between the early 80s to the early 2000s, and, unlike older generations, have begun to turn towards anti-aging skin care products from a much earlier age. Studies have also shown that when it comes to beauty, millennials are more likely than older generations to associate this with fun, seeing it as a way to express themselves while giving them an added boost of confidence. Other research has shown that millennials are the most stressed generation yet, meaning that they face a bigger onslaught of all the negative impacts of stress, from increased oil production to clogged pores.

Millennials Greatly Influenced by Technology
One of the main reasons that millennials are turning to anti-aging products at a much earlier age than previous generations is down to the influence that technology, most particularly social media, has had. Apps such as Instagram and Snapchat have made the concept of the ‘selfie’ extremely popular, and millennials, who are much more tech-savvy than previous generations, are exceptionally preoccupied with their beauty and the way they look. High resolution photos and videos have also had a huge influence, bringing to attention every single flaw and detail of one’s face, meaning that as well as looking for products that make their skin look good, millennials are also turning to anti-aging products to keep their skin as youthful as possible.

A New Approach to Beauty
Millennials are now at the age where they are beginning to face changes in the way that they look, but, unlike older generations, millennials have more of a DIY approach to skin care and beauty. Although this has been influenced by their frugal nature, it is also due to the way in which they find it fun to experiment with different beauty products, and are twice as likely as other generations to embrace home-based beauty treatments. Social media, as well as the increasing competitiveness of the global job market, have also had an impact on men, with men from Generation Y putting a much bigger emphasis on looking their best, both with their skin as well as their fashion choices.

The Beauty Industry Responds to Generation Y
From the industry’s point of view, millennials are now at a critical stage in their life, where they are developing and establishing particular beauty routines that they are likely to maintain for the rest of their lives. This means that they are open to learning more about skin care, and seeking a variety of solutions to their different skin issues. From skin care products specifically created for millennials, to a greater knowledge about skin aging factors, such as sun damage, the fact that millennials have already begun to use anti-aging products will not only help to keep visible signs of aging at bay, but will also better protect the skin and overall health of Generation Y.

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