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Unseasonably Warm Weather May Lead To Health Risks

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Warmer weather is one of those things that we all look forward to after winter. After all, we’ve spent most of a season cooped up at home and trying to avoid catching a chill. The warm air is a welcome change when spring begins to roll around. This spring seems to be shaping up to be a bit warmer than the past for many places. The complex interplay between human caused climate change and natural weather cycles means that the natural world just seems to be getting a jump start on things. It may feel more comfortable, but that comes with risks. It means there are various potential health risks popping up earlier than expected as well. That means we all need to be just that might more alert to help ensure that we stay healthy until things stabilize a bit more. We’ve got a quick list of some of the things you should most be aware of right now with spring being unseasonably warm.

Normally we associate this risk as something to expect during summer. The weather in some areas is seeming to contradict this though. Unseasonably warm temperatures in already warm climates are genuinely raising the fears for heatstroke. Not everyone lives in geographically warmer areas, but we all need to be that much more aware this spring. Remember that the keys to avoiding heatstroke involve listening to your body and being consistently hydrated. Keep your thermos or similar container filled with cold water to help you keep your core temperature down if you’re going to have to be outside for any length of time. Keep adequate hydration in mind will be enough for most of us. Those in warmer climates need to remember to be mindful of a rapid and intense sense of fatigue from exposure to heat meaning that they need to go back inside as the temperature is dangerously unsafe for their body. Obeying these rules should help us avoid some of the worst effects of this spring.

We’re beginning to see various plants begin to grow far sooner than expected. This includes both garden and wild plants. The natural extension of this is the fact that allergy season is going to begin early and likely last longer than expected. Anyone whose allergies tend to act up the most in spring will want to be more alert to changes in the weather and discuss how to counter their allergies with their doctor. The potential for a longer season means that one’s normal approach might not work because most of us prepare a bit before the season starts to ensure we’re ready for it. Starting it earlier than expected opens the window for many people to be affected in a deeper and more long lasting way than usual. We encourage anyone who can use over-the-counter products to manage their symptoms to begin stocking up. This should help at least make the earlier parts of the extended allergy season a little more tolerable.

Pest Problems
Warming weather opens us up to problems of the crawling variety as well. This also depends on your base climate. Some areas experience more problems than others, but in general we can expect there to be more problems with various kinds of bugs and insects. Mosquitoes are one of the more common problems that those living in already warmer climates can expect to surface far sooner. That means being aware of what disease can be carried by your local mosquito population and doing what you can to reduce breeding grounds. Remember to minimize the number of areas where long-lasting standing water can form. Other areas can expect an earlier return for ticks and similar pests that can hitch a ride on us as easily as they can our companion animals. Talk with your doctor about potential threats like this to get any idea of the right precautions to take for your area.

The unseasonably warm weather is likely to continue with only a few interruptions as spring’s usual ups and downs occur. We all need to be aware that the changing climate brings with it more immediate threats in addition to the overall expects changes to the Earth as a whole. Addressing what issues we can on a personal level will help keep us and our loved ones safe while we all strive to make the lifestyle changes necessary for a sustainable future.

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