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What the Beach Does for Our Skin

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Beaches give us the opportunity to relax and recharge, while spending some time in an idyllic natural setting. A day at the beach, with the sun, sea water and sand, can also do wonders for the skin, from naturally exfoliating it to restoring its elasticity. OROGOLD takes a closer look at exactly what the beach does for our skin.

Natural Exfoliation
Sand, especially when wet, is a magnificent natural exfoliant, working to remove the dead skin cells from the feet, as well as anywhere else on the body, leaving your skin feeling fresh and renewed. To fully benefit from the sand’s exfoliating properties, OROGOLD recommends walking near the water, as the sand is much looser and will wash over your feet.

Seawater Restores Skin Elasticity
The sea is packed with an array of anti-aging minerals, from fish proteins to algae, and these can all help to reduce the decline of skin elasticity, something which becomes increasingly common as we age. Although splashing about in the waves will not give you the same effects as a targeted skin care product or cosmetic intervention, it naturally helps to restore your skin’s tightness and firmness, and this is something that we would never say no to!

Decreases Stress Levels
When your stress levels are high, this has a huge impact on your skin, in an extremely negative way. From acne to breakouts to dull, rough skin, rising stress levels are never any good. However, many studies have shown that spending time at the beach allows people to unplug from the world and let their minds relax, while other studies have shown that simply living near to a beach automatically means that your stress levels are generally lower. The next time you are spending a day at the beach, OROGOLD recommends leaving all of your electronic devices at home, giving your body and mind the chance to properly unwind, lowering your stress levels and giving a huge boost to the quality of your skin.

A Daily Dose of Sunlight Clears the Skin
Although there is plenty of evidence out there that proves that the sun is the leading cause of skin cancer, there are also many studies that have shown the benefits that the sun can have on the skin. Sunlight is a natural disinfectant, meaning that it is effective at clearing up problematic skin conditions. From psoriasis to skin abscesses, a daily dose of sunshine helps to kill any infection-causing bacteria and prevent it from doing more damage to your skin. Studies have also shown that sunlight is capable of reducing the appearance of stretch marks, as well as preventing future ones from forming, as the light increases the body’s metabolism, which in turn increases weight loss, and this keeps stretch marks at bay.

Spending time at the beach can have so many benefits, for both your skin as well as the rest of your body. However, OROGOLD reminds you that moderation is key, so remember to always protect your skin with sunscreen, as you don’t want your day at the beach to end up doing more harm than good.

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