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OROGOLD Reviews the Future of Anti-Aging Skin Care

Futuristic skincare conceptThe future certainly seems to be very exciting for the world of anti-aging skin care with more and more people becoming believers in the miracles that modern day science has to offer when it comes to skin aging. A growing number of people in the skin care industry believe that anti-aging skin care should become more widely available as mankind moves through the next decade and more and more people are expected to give into the wonders that this piece of technology has to offer.

With new clinical trials and studies taking place almost every other day, experts believe that it might just become possible to use stem cells that have been loaded with non-degrading telomers and 3D bio-printers to replace the aging skin around the year 2020. These replacements are expected to offer cures to most of the age-related illnesses that we see today, including brain disorders, heart diseases, cancer and diabetes.

One of the studies OROGOLD Cosmetics is very excited about is Centagen’s study in using stem cells that contain active telomers to replace aging skin and muscles. According to the authors of this study, once this study is complete, it should help 100 year olds to more and function like 50 year olds. Many researchers also consider Centagen’s research as the holy grail of stem cell research as it is expected to hold a lot of hope for the future. It is believed that we should finally see the first results of this particular study within the next two years.

Another field that is expected to take off is 3D bio-printing. This procedure is even more exciting than stem cell research because it promises an inexpensive solution for the common man and might even end up saving many more lives in the process. An innovative 3D bio-printing system is currently being developed and it should be able to grow leather and meat from extinct animals like the woolly mammoth. This de-extinction process should actually allow mankind to reconstruct the genes of extinct animals. With more than 100000 people dying due to diseases every single day, these developments have been welcomed all over the world.

Moreover, with the advent of new technologies that should emerge by the year 2020, man would simply be able to grow new hearts and new veins whenever necessary. In fact, it would become possible to replace almost all of the organs, hair, skin and bones with the help of new procedures.

OROGOLD discovered a quote made author Ray Kurzweil, where he mentioned that medical science is currently in an early revolutionary phase. According to Ray, biotech upgrades should be able to add years to a person’s life expectancy by the year 2026.

Although the concepts of replacing tissues and organs have come under the scanner and have made many people ponder on the implications of tangling with nature, others believe that no one wants to suffer the pain of failing health and state that humans as a species always seek to expand and extend their capabilities and knowledge. Moreover, throughout history, improvements in science and healthcare have led to a direct increase in a person’s lifespan. Today, a person can easily expect to live up to his or her eighties, but by the year 2020, it might just become possible for a person to live indefinitely thanks to the advances in lifestyles and health.

Of course, this comes as a huge source of excitement for anyone associated with the world of anti-aging as one of mankind’s biggest unfulfilled dreams finally seems to be coming to a conclusion.

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