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Space Age Cosmetics – The Wave of the Future?

Abstract futuristic woman looking at data flow in a virtual displayNASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) strives to explore new heights and reveal the unknown, so as to benefit all of humankind. It employs thousands of people all over the world to help find answers to some of the most basic questions that have been asked over the years – what is there in space, how can one get into space, what can one find in space, what can one learn in space and how can one make life better on Planet Earth. To do this, NASA functions around four major principles – Aeronautics, Science, Human Exploration and Operations and Space Technology.

However, according to the latest reports, NASA also seems to have been smitten by the skin care bug. The iconic space agency made huge inroads into offering the world with the future of skin care by assisting in a clinical study that used the NASA bioreactor to expand mammalian cells and plant cells into a three-dimensional state. This was then used to devise anti-aging solutions in simulated microgravity, so as to create a line of skin care products that could actually assist the body in promoting its own healing mechanisms.

The study showed that this unique method had an unparalleled effect in terms of skin rejuvenation and that it directly benefited dermal cell activity as well. This helped the product devised using the NASA bioreactor to negate the effects of time on your skin by stimulating the fibroblast cells. Since the study showed that this technology could be used to tighten the dermal connective tissue, it also indicated that the skin can enjoy a reduced wrinkle depth, lesser fine lines and extra firmness. Furthermore, these space age cosmetics should also help in balancing the skin tone and increasing the skin moisture content so as to offer you with a youthful appearance and timeless beauty.

Biotechnology and biomolecules certainly seem to be the way forward when it comes to cosmetics and when one of the mainstays of American Society tests out these technologies, you know it’s a dream come true.

OROGOLD is extremely excited about these space age cosmetics and the shape that the cosmetics industry seems to be taking. Hopefully, as science progresses to new heights and newer solutions are developed to help people take care of their skin, our dream of offering customers all over the world with timeless beauty shall finally be fulfilled.

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