Monthly Archives: August 2014

Studying the Scarring Process
Scar on ArmAfter months of research, scientists have finally managed to identify three genes that might play a huge role in helping humans to prevent the formation of scars after injuries or burns. It is also being said that these genes could also help in healing existing...
Halt Headaches without Medicine
Woman taking medicine for a headacheHeadaches – you always have to deal with them sometime or the other. With the number of hours that people spend in front of computer screens, TVs and mobile devices, headaches have become all too common. Luckily for you, a simple solution...
Cancer from Gel Nails?
Gel manicure According to recent reports, the UV lamps used by certain nail salons to dry and cure your nail polish are as hazardous as tanning beds. The damage might not be visible immediately, but it should be seen over the process of multiple manicures. Researchers tested...