Monthly Archives: April 2016

City Dwellers Live Longer
Woman in the city Trying to be healthy is as much about the quality of life as it is about the quantity for most people. We just want to live longer so that we can see more and see those we care about grow and succeed. This involves continually evaluating...
Hydroponic Food Production
Hydroponic food Farms take up a lot of open space. Movies and other media have accustomed most of us to the vision of a sweeping farm that goes on for miles in every direction. The crops stretch skyward as they try to draw in more sunlight and our...
Benefits of Urban Farming
Gardening Learning to farm is, in many ways, what truly marked the beginning of civilization. Humans stopped roaming around constantly in search of food and instead began to cultivate the plants they knew were edible. It offered an entirely different form of life wherein food wasn't as much at...