Monthly Archives: February 2016

The Secrets of Ageless Beauties
Woman dressed like Cleopatra Trying to age gracefully is one of the goals many beauty enthusiasts share. We'd all prefer to never age at all, but if we can achieve a sort of timeless beauty that changes only slightly over time then that's acceptable too. The question remains on...
The Science of Acting
Woman acting Mastering a skill often leads people to comment that you've got something down to a science. It represents a distinct appreciation for the precision, skill, and time it took to truly grasp a skill set. People appreciate those who are good at a particular craft, but we...
Stilettos and Foot Health
Woman wearing stilettos Trying to perfect a look involves going through multiple outfits, jewelry, and shoe choices until we select what works best. Shoe choice can be particularly important depending on what you're intending to get out of your look. Flats are practical and ensure you can walk comfortably...