Monthly Archives: February 2016

The Yellow Rose
Yellow rose There are few flowers as symbolic as the rose. It draws instant attention when it turns up in an arrangement or even on its own due to strong associations with love and romance. The truth is that the color is actually what you should be looking for...
Drink Wine & Live Long
Woman drinking wine It didn't take humanity very long to figure out alcohol given how the evidence of how long it has been with us. Spirits have taken many forms across the years, but one of the ones we've proven most enamored with is wine. These rich, complex alcoholic...
Chocolate for a Younger You
Woman having chocolate It’s hard to say no to a little chocolate. There's some taste of perfection in that enticing mixture of sugar and cocoa powder that has been catching the attention of people for centuries. We eat, drink, and use chocolate in a seemingly endless variety of ways....