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Benefits of Urban Farming


Learning to farm is, in many ways, what truly marked the beginning of civilization. Humans stopped roaming around constantly in search of food and instead began to cultivate the plants they knew were edible. It offered an entirely different form of life wherein food wasn’t as much at the mercy of chance. Agriculture remained central to most people’s lives until the Industrial Revolution began to introduce new options and bring people to cities. Farming became something for rural people to do rather than city dwellers. This may be changing though. Urban farming is becoming an increasingly talked about subject that you might want to consider. It has a number of benefits of both the small and the large scale.

A Greater Understanding
One of the immediate benefits of urban farming is that it puts households more in contact with how their food gets produced. Backyard, container, and hydroponic gardens are ways to produce food in an urban environment. People, having lost touch with how they get their food, don’t always understand what goes into its production and care. It requires a bit of know-how, care, and simple patience to get food to grow reliably. The exchange for learning more about what it takes to grow food is that you get truly organic food ready for your kitchen. You control what goes on your food, what you use to boost its health, and where you’re growing the food. Each of these allows you to be confident that nothing you want to avoid makes it onto your food. This is especially true when using a hydroponics kit inside.

Nature’s Beauty
Plants are often quite beautiful. We’re used to thinking strictly of flowers when it comes to creating feasts for the eyes. In truth, many plants are flowering and capable of providing the same kind of beauty at the right times of the¬†year. Some flowers are even offshoots of cultivated foods that are bred with a mind to enhance the blooms rather than the edible part of the plant. A container garden can capitalize on this through a combination of edible foods and otherwise inedible flowers that work together to provide a beautiful display for a given part of the year in addition to food for the table. This is especially true when scaled up to urban infrastructure levels like some cities around the world are trying. The urban farming becomes a way of cleaning the air, providing food, and adding greenery to an urban area. In most cases, you will likely be able to make the most of smaller scale options.

Suitable For Anywhere
Urban farming is also highly flexible. You can grow things in almost any space. This is particularly true of container gardens in smaller, urban dwellings where there isn’t a backyard. Placing a container in windowsills is one relatively simple way that you can start with a basic form of urban gardening. A kitchen herb garden can add that extra zest to your meal with truly fresh herbs. You could also opt for window boxes. These can create space where you might otherwise think you have none. Ideally, a backyard or community greenspace garden is the most ideal for offering the flexibility to grow various crops capable of providing wider options for foods to grow. You can still get some benefits from larger containers set on patios or balconies though if you’re willing to put in the extra effort to keep the residents properly happy.

Urban farming is a potential way to get past the traditional rural and urban split when it comes to food production. It offers potential health benefits for cities as a whole by offering aesthetically pleasing ways to help clean their air while providing locally grown food. People who opt to grow their own food using appropriate methods can also increase their health by having truly fresh food available to them at any point. Those who’ve never found out if they have a green thumb might want to see if turning over a new leaf by taking up gardening suits them.

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