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Hyaluronic Acid and Your Skin
woman with good skin looking at herself in the mirror Your skin is a complex organ made of multiple layers with various components constantly playing off of one another to maintain its health. Many of us are now aware of one or two vital components, typically collagen and elastin,...
SPF Improves Pigmentation
woman applying sunscreen in beach Sun exposure has various negative effects on the skin over time if you aren't protecting your skin. The UV rays degrade the collagen in the skin at the same time they are causing sunburn. This is both uncomfortable and can lead to lasting...
Allantoin the Secret to Anti-Aging?
orogold-allantoin-the-secret-to-anti-aging There are always new substances being promoted as the true fountain of youth. We can all likely think of a handful we've heard of over the years that have been good for little more than casual amusement at people trying them. This quest to defy aging is something...