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Many people, especially those who have a family history of dementia, worry about when their brains will begin to fail on them (when they will start forgetting things). Well, basically if you are trying to age proof your brain you should know that what helps your body also helps your brain. To begin with, you will want to do what you can to eat the right food and exercise regularly. You will also want to make sure that you get a good night of sleep on a regular basis as well. However, OROGOLD also came across some other exciting things that can help you to age proof your brain as well.

Start Writing About the Things that Stress You Out

Researchers have shown that those who write about the things that stress them out for around 15 minutes, 3 to 4 days a week (in a row) had better memories than those who did not write about their stressful thoughts. These people who wrote about the things that stressed them out also were shown to have higher GPAs in school as well. The reason that this works is because when you do not write about the stressful things, they get locked in your brain, taking up space. This means there is not the room in that forefront of your brain for other memories. In return, this will then lead to forgetfulness.

Start Learning a New Language

Knowing more than one language has shown to reduce the dementia onset. Those who knew how to speak 2 languages did not get dementia until almost five years after those people who only knew how to speak one language. There have even been some other great studies that have shown that those who know how to speak two or more languages could pay closer attention to things and they could multi-task better than those who only knew one language too. Studies have also shown that the earlier that you learn more than one language, the better that will be for your brain health as well. Continue reading for more ways that you can age proof your brain.

Read More Often with Less Words Each Time

Another way that you can age proof your brain is to read more often with less words each time. Reading is one of the best ways that you can age proof your brain. However, if you read less words at a time then you will be able to process what you read much better than if you were to read chapters of one book at a time. The will help you to pay attention to what you have read and remember it later. Generally, when someone reads a whole book in one day or even over the course of a couple days, they won’t remember anything but the main point of the story and a few details.

These are some of the many ways that you can start to age proof your brain. It is never too early to start improving your brain health.

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