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Hyaluronic Acid – Acne Prone Skin’s Best Friend

Hyaluronic acid formula

It’s that time of year again when a new miracle ingredient appears from seemingly nowhere in beauty circles. Most the time you hear of something it is a new version of a particular vitamin or maybe a specialized tropical extract. For once it is actually something you have in you already: hyaluronic acid. OROGOLD would like to pause to remind you that just because something is an acid doesn’t mean it is bad for you. Remember that vitamin C, one of the best ingredients for your skin, is chemically known as ascorbic acid. There is a distinct difference between vitamin C and hyaluronic acid though. You actually already have hyaluronic acid in your body naturally. It is partly responsible for keeping your skin moisturized. This, in turn, makes it one of those natural ingredients that is good for even acne prone skin.

A Brief Review
Think back to all the products that you’ve tried to deal with acne. Chances are more than a fair few left your skin feeling dry and a bit rough after application. That’s because the acidic compounds in such products eat away at the oils of your skin and the grime they catch to clean your pores. Unfortunately, that leaves your skin uncomfortably dry and it responds by producing even more oil to combat the dryness of your skin and maintain its health. This is why you always moisturize after using acne fighting products. Not all moisturizers are made equally though, and some of them can make your skin a bit more oily or otherwise end up slightly contributing to your pores getting clogged again. This brings us back to hyaluronic acid’s actual specialty.

Same Name, Different Tactics
Not all acids are the same and hyaluronic acid, instead of depleting sources of moisture, retains water in large volume for its size. This makes the acid the opposite of most of its relatives in skin care: a super moisturizer. Consider how hard you have to work to strike the right balance between keeping your skin clear of oils when dealing with acne and yet keeping it moisturized enough that your skin doesn’t overproduce oils. Add in the fact that you have to make sure a given product works for your skin type and it becomes an unwieldy maze of products you end up hoping will help. OROGOLD would like to tell you now that one of the best parts about hyaluronic acid is that it works well with any skin type.

Nature’s Cure Improved
The acid is naturally found in your skin itself, and it is part of what helps it look youthful when you’re younger. It being depleted contributes to signs of aging as well. Since it is already in your skin, your skin readily accepts topical sources of it that in turn bolster your skin’s supplies with less residue than products using other moisturizing agents. This makes it ideal in any product you’re using to moisturize while fighting acne. You don’t need to worry about it matching your skin type. You don’t need to worry as much about residue. And, best of all, thanks to the penetrating power of hyaluronic acid, it can contribute to lasting improvement to your skin. As far as ingredients go, this one is actually useful for your skin because it really is just what nature intended.

OROGOLD isn’t suggesting that you run out immediately and find a new moisturizer with hyaluronic acid in it just because it is an excellent addition to a formula, but we are suggesting that you consider it as an option the next time you’re dealing with a breakout. The stress of too many products doesn’t do any favors to your skin when dealing with acne. Favoring products with this acid in them can reduce the amount of products you use though and potentially even moisturize your skin better than before. In skin care, fewer and better products are very much a good thing.

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