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Vitamin C Even More Important Than We Thought

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Vitamin C was always termed as one of the most important ingredients for the human body, but it turns out that it is even more important than we initially thought. There are a number of studies which indicate that Vitamin C can play a larger role in regulating human functions. This might not be known to you, but most animals actually produce Vitamin C in their bodies. All animals except for guinea pigs and primates (including humans) that is! This is why ensuring that you add Vitamin C to your every day cycles is so important.

Vitamin C is basically a water soluble vitamin that is believed to be very important to ensure the normal functioning of your body. Since the vitamin doesn’t get stored in your body, it is also important to constantly renew its supply. OROGOLD Cosmetics came across a number of theories where experts state that Vitamin C can actually benefit certain health conditions. While the research seems to be very promising, the practical applications of the treatments used are quite problematic.

One of the main problems arises when you try to consume the levels of Vitamin C that have been proposed. The body begins to excrete Vitamin C almost as quickly as you consume the ingredient and it is almost like trying to fill up an overflowing bucket with more water. You can pour in as much water as you want, but the bucket can only hold so much!

In fact, this is one of the main reasons why huge doses of Vitamin C are not recommended by dieticians, nutrition experts or skin care experts. However, there are a few studies that are now showing that even though the rate of excretion of Vitamin C is unusually high, the temporary elevation of the ingredient in your body can actually help it to heal itself.

Herb Schellhorn, one of the best researchers of the role played by Vitamin C in the human physiology, confirmed that it was nearly impossible for the human body to sustain an elevated level of Vitamin C. He states that taking occasional mega doses of Vitamin C will not offer you with the kind of benefits that taking regular small sized doses can. Thus, he suggested that instead of taking 500mg of Vitamin C at one go, it would be best for a person to take in smaller amounts of the ingredient, ideally in two daily doses.

This is where Vitamin C based skin care collections like the ones offered by OROGOLD Cosmetics come in. OROGOLD uses a number of beneficial ingredients in its collections, one of which is Vitamin C. By adding these collections into your regular skin care routine, you can ensure that your skin gets its daily dose of essential ingredients to make it look better, healthier and younger.

There is no doubt about the fact that Vitamin C plays a huge role in boosting the production of collagen and that it is an extremely powerful antioxidant for your skin. However, recent research has also shown that it might be playing a major role in other aspects of your health such as your cardiac health, cancer fighting and muscle function.

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