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Scaring Shows that Your Body is at Work – ORO GOLD Reviews

shutterstock_175084103Don’t get overawed by the flawless looking skin of your favorite celebs. That silky smooth back, those picture perfect legs and those satin-like cheeks might seem to have survived life unscathed, but they’re not as picture perfect as they seem to be.

Look at your own body. There’s bound to be scarring from your childhood chicken pox outbreak. You might also have some scarring from your teenage years. And then, there’s that injury scar that almost every other person is bound to mark. If you have enjoyed the wonders of becoming a mother, your pregnancy more than likely to leave behind telltale signs in the form of stretch marks.

It is quite normal for human beings to have scars and skin imperfections. In fact, scarring is the best way of understanding that your body is actually working. A scar is usually created by your body in order to maintain its integrity and bring itself back to normal functioning as soon as possible. ORO GOLD Cosmetics tries to understand exactly how scars are formed and what happens to the skin when it is breached externally.

Scarring and the life cycle of a scar

The normal skin consists of three different layers. Most portions of these layers are made up of a natural protein known as collagen. This collagen is responsible for your young looks and it is the basic framework for your skin. Like any normal framework that you come across in a construction site, the collagen also shoots off in all directions to give the overall structure a sense of solidity. It is this which gives the skin its ability to be able to stretch.

Your tissues break because of a surgeon’s knife or because of abrupt physical collisions. This makes your body mount its defenses against infections and forces it to start off with the repair job. When the repair job is completed, you’re left with a scar, be it on the surface of your skin or on an internal organ.

This brings us to the question – what is the life cycle of a scar? The first phase is the inflammatory phase which consists of swelling and redness. This phase offers you proof of your white blood cells at work. As the body heals the skin, a scab begins to form. The proliferation phase begins hours after the injury takes place. The new cells start growing close to the wound right beneath the scab. The proliferation phase usually lasts anything between 3 – 14 days. The next stage is the maturation phase. This phase can last for as much as 2 months and new collagen fibers combine with each other to tighten your skin in order to make the scar tissue as strong as possible. 

How to get rid of the evidence of scarring?

We might be more interested in picture perfect skin, but our bodies don’t share our visions. Their main goal is to ensure that everything is back to normal as soon as possible. So how do we diminish scars and prevent them from happening? The best way of doing this is to ensure that you don’t pick a scab. Allow the collagen to create magic below the surface of the scab. The moment you remove the scab, you simply create a bigger scar because the entire cycle starts all over again. Another way of preventing scarring is to keep the scar moisturized using ingredients like Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. This helps to break down the tough collagen fibers and prevent scarring. Finally, injectable fillers can also offer a unique solution to get rid of scars when there is too little collagen in your acne pits.

Stretch marks

Most fast growing children in the 6th and 7th grade are likely to have stretch marks on their body. Those who add muscle bulk or gain a lot of weight quickly are also likely to have stretch marks on their skin. Another issue that leads to stretch marks is pregnancy. Stretch marks usually occur when the collagen’s ability to expand fails to keep up with the growth that takes place beneath the surface of your skin. The best way to deal with stretch lines is to use Vitamin A based creams.

It is true that your beauty is skin deep. After all, one of the main things that controls your beautiful and flawless looks, lies within your skin. We might not be able to enjoy a scar free skin all the time, but at least our skin works very hard to ensure that we remain healthy.

And whoever said that gathering battle scars were a bad thing? Let OROGOLD Cosmetics know about your feelings using the comment’s box below.

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