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Vitamins You Need After 40

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Our nutritional needs vary across our lives. When we’re young, we need pretty much everything we can get in abundance as our body is still growing and needs all the materials that it can get. Nutritional deficits at this point in our lives tends to have a lasting impact that will mark us for the rest of our lives. Fortunately, things become a little more forgiving once we’re adults. Nutritional deficits still hurt us, but the effects aren’t quite as pronounced or long-lasting at that point. We do still need to care about getting all the vitamins we need though. Our nutritional requirements are affected by age and particular hormonal shifts in the body across our entire lives. Once we hit 40, for instance, we need to start considering ensuring we’re getting enough of particular vitamins to ensure our body is healthy and capable of dealing with middle age and beyond gracefully. Mercifully, all the vitamins you’ll want to focus on are relatively easy to get.

Vitamin D
Getting enough vitamin D can often be a little bit tricky for many of us. We tend to be inside a lot tending to issues or trying to protect our skin. One of our best sources of the vitamin is sun exposure and allowing our body to produce what we need from other nutrients in our body. This isn’t always ideal though as not everyone can handle even the small amount of sun exposure that is required. We can handle things a bit better when we’re younger, but this is bad news when we hit 40 and above. A lack of vitamin D means your body has a harder time properly utilizing calcium. That leads to bone density issues over time that can make you more susceptible to injury. You’re never really going to beat your body’s production of the vitamin in terms of convenience, but you can get a decent amount from fattier fish types like tuna and salmon. You can also get a little it by looking for foods and drinks fortified with it.

Vitamin B Complex
Vitamin B is a complicated subject given it is really a single vitamin so much as a collection of closely related vitamins. That’s why you generally get told to look for vitamin B complex in a supplement instead of a single vitamin B. You need all of them. B vitamins help out around your body in countless little ways that all serve to keep you healthy. B12 is particularly important as we pass into middle age for the specific reason that it appears to be tied into both brain and circulatory functions. Without it, you can expect various issues to gradually materialize that just make life that much harder. This is true of all B vitamins though. Generally, you’re going to want to ensure you’re getting poultry in your diet as well as dairy to help ensure you’re getting enough. Don’t forget to add in some dark, leafy greens too to ensure you get a broad selection of the available B vitamins though.

Vitamin C
This is one that we need at most ages, but it becomes more important as we age for good reason. Vitamin C is both home to potent antioxidants and a vital component in helping to maintain various aspects of your body that begin to have trouble as we pass 40. Signs of aging beginning to add up that slowly lower how healthy we actually are as we approach middle age. A major problem is that collagen production begins to drop as we age. As one of the primary structural proteins in the body, collagen sees use in many places. The gradual loss adds up and is what contributes directly to things like wrinkles or joint point. Collagen is what helps to fill out your skin, cushion your joints, and countless other things throughout your body. Failing to maintain it will lead to a distinct decrease in quality of life over time. You can get vitamin C through the traditional citrus if you want, but various sources are available, including dark, leafy greens, to offer you more options when it comes to getting enough of the vitamin in your diet.

Shifting your dietary focus as you age is typically a sign that you are willing to acknowledge and accept the reality that your body needs particular treatment to ensure you have a long and healthy life. More people could stand to do this. It helps us all move towards greater health by motivating us to be concerned with our well-being. So try to keep all of this in mind the next time you’re considering changes you might want to make to your diet.


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