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What Happens When You Don’t Sweat Enough

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Most of the time we tend to have somewhat dismal view of sweating. After all, it is that unpleasant and uncomfortable side effect that makes exercise so unpleasant. You end up feeling dirty and smelling just a little less pleasant than you’d like. The downside to this is that a lot of us end up giving sweat less credit than it deserves as a result of this single set of associations. Sweating is important to your body’s health and without it you’d run into problems. It helps regulate various systems as well as contributing to your overall health. Admittedly, most of us likely can’t think of more than one reason why it might be beneficial to our bodies to sweat. We should probably fix that. Your body is a complex organism whose system all have a purpose other than simply annoying you. Let’s take a closer look at what happens if you don’t sweat enough and why some of us might not be sweating enough.

The Temperature Keeps Rising
This is the effect of not sweating that you probably guessed already. Sweating plays a key role in helping to regulate your body temperature. Your overall temperature is affected in a number of ways constantly. Your environment, your clothing, and even your health all determine exactly what temperature you’re going to be at any given time. The ideal temperature of the human body is around the often repeated 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, but various a little above and below depending on the individual. Your body maintains this temperature through a careful balancing act that you to sweat. Even if you’re not noticing it, you’re sweating regularly throughout the day. It helps your body to stay cool by evaporating the water from your sweat to help dissipate heat. Without it, your body would rapidly overheat if you didn’t have some other means of keeping yourself cool. Overheating isn’t a fun event for any part of your body.

Open And Honest
Strangely enough, sweating is actually good for you if you remember to clean up afterwards. Sweating typically means your internal body temperature is up and that means things begin to loosen a little in response to the warmth. This can be especially true of your skin as pores cease to constrict as much. Sweating can help begin to flush out various debris that might otherwise be caught in your pores. The downside of this is that it can compound issues by doing just the same. Pores cleared out in one area might contribute to blockages lower on the body as the sweat and debris in turn get caught in your pores. The best solution is to remember to bathe shortly after you’ve been sweating heavily. You’ll likely still have the benefit of slightly opened pores to help making cleaning that much more effective while minimizing the problem of things becoming caught in your pores.

Sweat Like You Mean It
There are various reasons you might sweat a little less, but sometimes it becomes particularly pronounced. That opens up the chance that you might be experiencing a condition known as anhidrosis. It is, in effect, when you body ceases to sweat like it should with sweating either stopping entirely or mostly stopping over the entire body or specific areas. There are plenty of factors that can lead you to develop it too ranging from your heritage to accidental exposure to something. The most frustrating part is some kinds of skin damage or drug treatments can also cause such reactions. You should generally be able to tell if you’re sweating the same amount as usual for a given activity and should only be worried if it drops off substantially without slow progress towards an activity being less challenging. At that point, you’ll want to talk to your doctor before any worse symptoms end up happening due to your body’s difficulty in managing its own temperature.

Sweating is more important to our bodies than most of us realize. It helps to do more than regulate our temperature. Without it, our bodies would encounter various troubles ranging from more muscle cramps, extra skin issues, and a higher rate of heat exhaustion. Yes, sweating can be unpleasant and doesn’t always leave us feeling the best, but maybe we can all work on making some allowances for it given how vital it is to our health.

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