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Can Exercise Give You Better Memory?

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Everyone is familiar with the idea that exercising a muscle helps it to be stronger. It is a basic fact most of us learn in childhood. The comparison gets used in various areas of life as people try to explain the greater ease one feels over time as one’s skill at a task grows. We even reference it to purely mental ends when we refer to exercising our minds when doing crossword puzzles or other activities designed to help us “flex” our minds a little. The latter form of exercise has benefits for the mind, but surprisingly there may actually be benefits to be had by literally getting out and exercising as well. OROGOLD decided this surprising fact deserved a closer look and, as a result, we’ll be looking into how both forms of exercise can help keep your brain youthful alongside your body.

Getting Some Exercise
We’ve continually emphasized leading a healthier lifestyle as your overall health is connected to your beauty. This remains true. Similarly, you can’t neglect your body and expect your mind to keep operating at peak levels. Physical activity has numerous benefits to the body, but one of the biggest is the various triggers it sets off in your body over the course of the exercise. A healthy bout of exercise is difficult, but releases various positive chemicals into your brain that help regulate mood and increase your overall sense of well-being. This, in turn, can help with managing things like stress and anxiety. It should be noted that simply having an exercise routine can help with that as well as a familiar routine provides stability in a life often beset by random circumstances beyond one’s control. In effect, exercise helps you to become or remain mentally centered. This has a distinct impact on how well memory and other mental functions work over time. Too much stress and distraction make it difficult to focus for anyone.

The Little Gray Cells
There’s something to be said for taking up creative or mentally difficult hobbies as well. Dementia is one of the more problematic symptoms of aging. Not everyone is subject to it to the same extent, but there is a lingering worry that the world will eventually become a bit fuzzier around the edges and we won’t be as sharp as we once were. Anyone can actually take steps towards managing this preemptively though. OROGOLD wishes to highlight that many professionals recommend people maintain an active mental life no matter their age. It especially helps as we age though. If you consistently challenge your mind with puzzles, reading material, or hobbies that require mental focus, it keeps your mind in practice at doing various tasks. This can help boost the functions of memory and logic or keep them operating smoothly despite anything nature might throw at you.

What To Do
Your best bet for encompassing all ideas of exercise is to discuss with your doctor what would make a good form of exercise for you. Walking, jogging, yoga, and other light exercises are often good ways for many people to get their exercise in routinely without needing to worry about being potentially hurt by overdoing things. Similarly, crosswords or sudoku make for hobbies you can readily pick up and try to keep your mind active in different ways. One of the best ways may be cultivating an old hobby though. Many of us try to write, paint, play music, or otherwise engage in creative hobbies when we’re younger. These require multiple processes going on in your brain at once. Picking your hobby up again and seeing where it can take you for the sheer enjoyment of it will offer another rewarding form of purely mental exercise.

Exercise, no matter its definition, can have an impact on your memory. The trick is it isn’t necessarily an improvement so much as it is removing the cobwebs that developed from being a bit too busy to exercise. A healthy lifestyle involves taking care of both your body and your mind. OROGOLD hopes you’ll try exercising both as they’ll help you to both see and cultivate your own beauty.

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