Monthly Archives: September 2015

New Silk Bio-Ink for 3D Printers
Woman looking at a 3-d printer In recent years, 3D printing has made some significant advancements, especially when it comes to medical research. Scientists have recently discovered new ways to make bone, as well as other relatively simple body parts, using a 3D printer, before implanting this into patients....
Contouring with Food?
Woman holding a papaya on her cheek. When we usually talk about contouring here at OROGOLD, it is usually in the context of using makeup to define your features. However, experts are now claiming that there is a new way to contour your face that involves no...
Healthy Autumn Comfort Foods
Pumpkin pie. Comfort food is something most people grow up eating. That food your mother of grandmother would make that smelled delicious, stuck to your ribs, and that if you ate it now it might take years off your life. Comfort food is part of what makes eating...