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Are You Sleep Challenged?
Woman trying to sleep Sleep is something we all need. It is absolutely vital to many of the human body's processes. Memories don't get stored effectively without rest. Things don't get repaired properly without sleep. Particular hormones don't get released without sleep. Your body uses sleep in so many...
Can Your Mood Affect Your Skin
Sad woman Staying happy is often credited as being one of the best ways to maintain your health. There's something to the notion as well given the fact that an unhappy and stressed life tends to result in your body being less adept. This is because of the potential...
Signs of Gluten Intolerance
[caption id="attachment_2192" align="aligncenter" width="650"]Gluten free sign ChameleonsEye /[/caption] Gluten sensitivity is a health issue that strikes a relatively small amount of people in the world. The primary form this takes is celiac disease. It makes it hard for the body to properly process gluten properly and can generate a...