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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Dealing With Swimmer’s Ear
Woman  getting her ear checkedThere are plenty of hazards out there that could hamper your ability to enjoy the summer. Sunburn is the big one that we all think to prepare for every outing. You might forget to reapply sunscreen regularly, but most of the time you'll...
The Truth About Jellyfish
JellyfishThere are many beautiful and strange species within the ocean. Giant whales, countless species of fish, and more microorganisms than we can reasonably fathom are only some of the residents of the ocean. Many visually stunning species are found closer to the surface of the water, but some...
Ocean Myths Revealed
ShipwreckThe oceans of the world are vast and have provided fodder for many mysteries across the years. Before we'd mapped the world, cartographers would put “Here Be Dragons” on unknown parts of the world or put sea serpents in the water. It took a long time for us...
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