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Biggest Beauty Breakthroughs of 2015

Woman getting hair removal treatment

Every year we see new products and ideas appear in the beauty industry. There’s always a new trend trying to see if it will be one of the ones to survive people continually trying it. In the end, people forget about most of the believed “breakthroughs” before the year is out simply because it quickly becomes clear that there is nothing to them. This isn’t the case for every new face in beauty though. 2015 saw some very useful breakthroughs in beauty and OROGOLD feels they deserve to be highlighted. We’re going look over some of the biggest breakthroughs in beauty of the last year. These won’t be all the breakthroughs by any means, but they certainly some of the most promising.

Laser Tattoo Removal
A lot of us enjoyed our youths a great deal. Everyone carries marks from that on their body, but some of them are ones we paid to put there. Tattoos are increasingly recognized as potential sources of beauty and character for people, but some want to return their skin to a blank canvas. This used to be a particularly hard task, but in 2015, the practice of laser tattoo removal came into its own. The practice has been in existence for years before now, but suffered from flaws that meant results varied wildly based on ethnicity. Fortunately, practitioners developed a newer and better form of laser tattoo removal with consistent results across skin tones and types. This bodes well for anyone looking to remove a bit of ill-considered ink.

Indoor Sunscreen
This may seem a little confusing at first based on the name, but one of the better breakthroughs was an expansion of what sunscreen can do for your skin. Most of the time OROGOLD brings it up we’re trying to remind you that broad spectrum protection is the best for your skin. This is perfectly true, but that particular spectrum never protected your skin from one of the potential hazards of interior lighting options: fluorescent tubes. Poorly and cheaply made fluorescent lighting is known to damage the skin. It isn’t as big of an impact as the sun itself, but continual small damage adds up over time. A few products began incorporating iron oxide into their formulas for assorted reasons, but it became apparent those have the extra benefit of protecting the skin from fluorescent lighting as well as the sun. This surprisingly small addition will likely result in an adjustment to many sunscreen formulas in the near future.

Laser Hair Removal
Much like laser tattoo removal, laser hair removal isn’t actually a new thing. 2015 did see a marked increase in how effective it was as a beauty treatment though. Most of the time laser hair removal is a somewhat arduous task that takes a lot of treatments and is directly affected by how dark the hairs trying to be removed are. This is often problematic for those of us with lighter hair and it can seem like the treatments do very little as a result. One company found a way to improve upon the technology and actually all but eliminate this problem from laser hair removal. Their method enjoys a decent level of effectiveness across all hair colors with far more subtle variations to the effectiveness than the currently standard treatments. This improvement is likely to spread across the practice of hair removal with time and help bring it closer to the effectiveness of the current universal standby of electrolysis.

Beauty is often what we make of it. There are countless products and techniques across the world that offer different means to boost and manage our appearances. We make a mistake though when we view all of these as static. There’s always someone seeking to improve upon these products and techniques and these are the people that produce breakthroughs like the ones OROGOLD has highlighted here. Each breakthrough brings us more understanding of our bodies and how they relate to our appearance. Refining our knowledge can only lead to a more beautiful future.

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