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Can DNA Determine Best Skin Care for You?

DNA testing

Figuring out what works best for your skin is a process of trial and error. Everyone goes through plenty of products before they find what works best for their skin. Between starting and finding the right products is generally a time that no one ever wants to talk about thanks to skin problems bad product choices sometimes cause. But what if you could skip all that? OROGOLD would like to look into the claim that DNA testing can help determine the best skin care choices for you. This option is starting to appear in skin care circles with greater frequency as time goes by and turning up in other medical areas as well. So if there really anything to it?

Personalized Care
The very idea of DNA testing to determine the best care options isn’t actually straight out of a science fiction movie. It is a growing trend in healthcare in general as it becomes cheaper and cheaper to process genetic samples. Some experts expect genetic testing to become a routine part of primary care within the next decade as the process gets faster and cheaper. But why? The general principle is that same that some companies are using to apply to skin care: by looking at specific markers, trends in your genetics emerge that can indicate problem areas for your health. Now that we know it is a real thing and not a scam, the question is whether it is any good.

Treatment or Trend?
This is where things get tricky. Companies that use genetic testing to determine potential skin care options for you operate on privacy as a matter of course. Most of the known ones take samples and then proceed to destroy them after testing is complete. All that is left are their particular recommendations for your skin. The tests are certainly doable and focus on a very narrow area of genetic components to reduce the time a test takes. This speed in and of itself has lead some to question whether the companies can extract useful information within that space of time. Beyond that, their recommendations are often for products high in particular nutrients as a response to the believed problematic aspects of your skin, which, OROGOLD would like to remind you, is the same approach a dermatologist or esthetician would take when noticing the problems.

Too Early to Tell
DNA testing for skin care is, in principle, a very good idea. Truly personalized care of all sorts is the way of the future and holds a great deal of promise for long-term well-being. That the ideas themselves are sound is not enough though. The technology is still evolving in general healthcare and has yet to even go into regular practice there. Companies offering DNA testing to aid in your skin care are very likely quite genuine, but whether they are actually viable remains to be seen. While it couldn’t hurt to try this approach if you have a chronic skin issue that is difficult to treat, DNA testing can’t yet be fully recommended until the technology has had more time to mature.

Every trend in skin care exists for a reason and DNA testing is no different. We’re always trying to find some new and better way to ensure we treat ourselves right and that’s a good thing. Early years for a new approach are always difficult though as we wait for clearer information to come in. OROGOLD will certainly keep watch on DNA testing as a potentially beneficial way towards better skin, but for now you’re probably better off talking to your dermatologist or esthetician.

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