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Ceramides A Skin Care Breakthrough? An OROGOLD Review

Ceramide capsulesPhytoceramides came into the limelight when Dr. Oz described them as one of his top three tips for anti-aging skin care. He also mentioned power cleansing with the help of brushes and Vitamin C serums, but Phytoceramides seemed to have received the maximum press because of the fact that they were one of his only three recommendations over other popular anti-aging solutions. So what is it that makes Phytoceramides so effective? OROGOLD tries to examine the role played by ceramides in your skin care routine.

Phytoceramides and their role in skin care

Phytoceramides refer to ceramides which have been derived from plants. Although ceramides are found naturally in most food items, wheat flour is considered to be the best source of ceramides. Other food items that contain a decent amount of ceramides include soybeans, eggs and dairy products. Although there is no real research surrounding ceramides and their effectiveness in skin care, some studies have shown how important they can be for the skin. One particular study that deserves to be mentioned was the one conducted by a company known as Hitex. This study categorically showed how ceramide deficiencies can lead to dry skin. No wonder skin care products that cater to dry skin contain ceramides. In fact, one of ORO GOLD’s most loved products among people with dry skin, the Termica Activation Serum, also contains ceramides.

Ceramides and Younger Skin

Ceramides are a natural component that can be found in the human skin. There are 6 different ceramides that can be found in the skin. Ceramides can be found in all layers of the skin and they play a huge role in ensuring that the skin looks moisturized. Ceramides are also known to be an excellent way of reducing infections and preventing the appearance of issues like wrinkles and dermatitis. Most people believed that ceramides were a basic structural component of the lipid bilayer of the cell membranes. However, studies have shown that ceramides can also send apostosis messages throughout the body. Apostosis messages are messages that program your cells to die.

Are Topical Applications of Ceramides Successful?

According to a study conducted in Japan, using ceramide gel for a period of four weeks on the eyebrows of eight volunteers helped in significantly improving the water content of the skin on the eyelids. Another study conducted in France managed to show that topical ceramides helped in improving the skin’s barrier repair process. Ceramide creams have also shown to be effective in terms of helping people to relieve their skin from dermatitis and topical application of ceramides managed to increase the skin’s resistance to the common signs of aging.

Thus, topical ceramides certainly seem to be an excellent ingredient to add to the skin care routine. They have been the mainstay products for certain skin care brands and products, but ORO GOLD Cosmetics goes one up by using them in combination with other proven skin care ingredients so as to increase the overall effectiveness of the products.

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