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Is It Possible to Banish Cellulite? – OROGOLD Reviews

Closeup of a woman holding the skin on her thighs to see for signs of cellulite.

Almost 90% of women suffer from the dreaded curse of cellulite, and end up spending a fortune on products that promise to help get rid of it, without really understanding exactly what cellulite is. Cellulite is formed when fat deposits beneath the skin that are pushed towards the surface. At the same time, the connective tissues in the body start to weaken, and the fat deposits bulge through the gaps, giving the appearance of dimpled and uneven skin.

Do cellulite reduction creams work?
There are plenty of cellulite reduction creams on the market but unfortunately, these have little, if any at all, effect on the cellulite. There is limited evidence to back up the claims that creams and medication help to banish cellulite, and since the dimples that are caused by cellulite are just a superficial symptom of the changing tissues beneath your skin, cellulite creams may help to minimize the appearance of cellulite in the short term, but won’t do much at all when it comes to actually banishing cellulite.

Is it possible to avoid cellulite?
Although cellulite can begin to occur at any time, it usually gets worse with age, as the tissues in the body change and the skin becomes thinner, making the fat deposits more visible. Women gain fat with age, and the average woman who does not exercise regularly will lose 5lb of muscle and replace it with 15lb of fat every 10 years of her life. Since fat is soft, it does not keep the skin taut like the lost muscle would have, and it also takes up more space, causing it to bulge out as cellulite. Unfortunately, there is no ‘cure’ for cellulite, and no way to guarantee that you will be free from it, but there are certain things that you can do to keep it at bay for as long as possible, and reduce the appearance of it once it does start to become a problem.

A change in diet and workout routine
A healthy diet and good workout routine have been proven to be extremely effective at minimizing cellulite in the body. Eating a diet of hearty grains, vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and healthy fats, combined with a 40 minute exercise routine three times a week, has been shown to improve cellulite. In studies that were conducted, even the women who did not stick to the diet but followed the workout routine saw that their cellulite was less defined, and that their physique had definitely improved.

Stop smoking
Research has shown that exposure to cigarette smoke weakens the formation of collagen in our bodies. Collagen is the main component of the connective tissues in our bodies, meaning that the weaker this gets, the more visible the cellulite will be.

Although there is no way to completely banish cellulite, OROGOLD believes that there are certainly ways in which you can reduce its appearance. There are many other products, techniques and surgeries out there that claim to be able to eliminate cellulite, but it is important to understand that the problem lies beneath the skin, so be sure to carry out thorough research before committing to a cellulite reduction product or service.

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