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Research Shows Skin-Healing Powers of Fish – OROGOLD Reviews

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You probably don’t want scaly skin. Fish, however, have been enjoying its benefits for millions of years. New research has shown that fish skin has amazing regenerative powers, surpassing anything else available. This is all because of our good friend collagen.

OROGOLD discovered that a team of scientists was looking for the best way to harness collagen’s healing powers, and ended up using fish, specifically tilapia. While it’s possible to extract collagen from other animals, usually pigs, cows and other people, fish is the best for a number of reasons. Firstly, it’s very different from human skin. While it seems counter-intuitive, this actually makes it a very safe option. Because people and fish are so different, they generally aren’t affected by each other’s pathogens. Using collagen from other mammals puts one at risk of disease. Using collagen from fish eliminates this risk. Secondly, it’s widely available. This means it’s a cost-effective solution with enormous potential.

The first thing these researchers had to do was find a way to turn the fish scales into bandages. To accomplish this, they wove it into a kind of sponge before breaking it down into nanofibers. From there, they spun it into a cloth-like material. This gave them a bandage that was entirely organic, yet immensely strong, flexible and heat resistant. When they applied their fishy new space-age Band-Aid to the skin of test subjects, it surpassed all expectations. Not only was it more sterile than previous materials, but it also carried greater healing powers than anything else they’d tested.

Collagen is essentially the anti-bacterial base for new growth. It’s one of the single most important parts of healthy skin. It simultaneously protects you while allowing new cells to form. As such, collagen is by far the best way to treat things like acne scars, flesh wounds or anything else that damages the skin. Applying or injecting collagen is basically like turning the body’s natural healing abilities up to their maximum setting. Currently, the fish-focused research team is working on applying antibacterial properties to their tilapia nanofibers. If all goes well, then pretty soon it’ll be available in hospitals to treat things like burns and open wounds. From there, it’ll quickly make its way to the plastic surgery and cosmetic industries. Hopefully they will have found a way to remove the fishy smell by then.

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