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OROGOLD Discovers that Solutions to Clear Skin Might Be Lurking in Your Armpits – ORO GOLD Reviews

Teenagers all over the world spend so much money on acne treatments which don’t work year after year. Yes, acne is a common problem among teens and it is one of the most dreadful issues that a teen can go through. But, what if we told you that you don’t need to keep hunting for acne solutions? What if OROGOLD told you that the answers to clear skin were actually a dirty face? Sounds funny, doesn’t it? Well, funny but true.

A skin care brand recently came up with a topical solution which they believe will help you to treat your skin issues and get rid of chronic wounds as well. The main ingredient being used by this brand is the bacteria found in your underarms.

Talking about underarm bacteria, do you know why your underarms smell? It is because this bacteria feeds off the ammonia that is naturally produced during sweating. The stinky smell is a by-product of this ammonia consumption. However, recent studies have shown that stinky smells are not the only by-product being produced by this bacteria. This ammonia-eating bacteria has portrayed a unique ability to improve the overall health of your skin.

The problem is that modern day society is so fixated on cleansing, that this “good” bacteria never gets a chance to work its wonders on the skin. In a study conducted by researchers from AOBiome LLC, experts tried to determine the results of allowing the ammonia-eating bacteria to run free on the human face.

Despite the unpleasant task of applying the underarm bacteria on the face, the study managed to find 24 volunteers. Researchers used a strain of bacteria known as the Nitrosomonas eutropha. This bacteria was isolated from organic soil. Volunteers who had agreed for the study had to apply the bacteria on their face and their scalp for a couple of weeks and refrain from cleansing their faces during this time. The results of the study were determined in the third week. The results actually showed that the people who had applied this bacteria showed qualitative improvements in their skin condition.

According to Dr. Larry Weiss, the study has shown that Nitrosomonas bacteria is well tolerated by the skin and it can actually prove to be a major delivery agent for nitric oxide and nitrite to the human skin. This isn’t the first study to talk about the benefits of choosing skin-healing bacteria for skin care either.

A New York Journalist had shocked people in the month of May when she abstained from bathing for an entire month using a cosmetic product that contained this bacteria to keep her clean. The journalist reported that apart from developing oily hair, using this treatment actually helped her to smoothen her skin and prevented her from getting a foul body odor. She says that her skin became much smoother and softer instead of becoming flaky or dry. Moreover, her breakout prone complexion became clearer and her pores shrank as well.

Researchers associated with the study are now proceeding with clinical trials to assess the potential of this bacteria in curing issues like diabetic ulcers and acne. Although the study is still in its early stage, a showerless society could once again be just around the corner if the studies show more success with underarm bacteria.

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