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OROGOLD Discusses the Links Between Cancer, Diet and Acne

Young woman eating a saladSo many people in the world suffer from acne nowadays. But, most don’t realize that acne is something that has been created by industrialized countries. It was never a problem in the past. One of the most common reasons for acne is the Western diet. In fact, this very diet might also be putting you at a greater risk of getting diseases like cancer. Surprised? Well, OROGOLD helps you to understand what your diet has in common with things acne and cancer.

How is the diet associated with acne problems and cancer?

This is one question that has been asked for decades and the answer might finally be close. From the reports that are trickling out, the answer showcases a fascinating link between the Western diet and acne. It is believed that the basic building blocks of the modern day diet are what lead to a series of biochemical reactions which ultimately leads to acne, and in some cases, cancer.

What changes must be made to control acne and reduce the chances of having cancer?

There is a compelling case made by a number of medical experts in terms of rethinking and redesigning the modern day diet. Some of the key changes and components of a proper diet that helps you to reduce the chances of acne and cancer include –

  • You should eat food items that originate from plants. Eating food items that originate from animals should be restricted in the diet.
  • It is a must to get rid of all sorts of junk food items from the diet. Things with high sugar levels, bad fats and high carbohydrate levels are a strict no. Processed and packaged food items are equally bad. Of course, it’s not easy. In fact, in many ways it is impossible in today’s society. However, you should try to get as close to the mark as possible. The answer lies in subtle reductions and basic changes that are made one at a time. You will never be able to eliminate these food items from your diets completely, but the secret lies in reducing them to the bare minimum.
  • Animal derived dairy based food should be reduced to the bare minimum. Once can get calcium from plant based food items as well.

Still not convinced? Well, you can try it out the hard way. Keep a track of your acne condition and try to determine if it flares up when you eat a whole lot of junk food or dairy items on a regular basis. From what studies have to say, your acne issues should begin to flare up within 2 – 3 days of switching to a diet that is rich in dietary and junk food items. Now, try out the reverse. Cut out the dairy intake and stop eating junk food for a while. Focus on eating a lot of fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables and you should see your acne issues disappear within days.


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