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Couple in love has good skinAn apple a day might keep the doctor away, but being in love can be more rewarding. Sexologists have already confirmed that an orgasm is one of the healthiest things that a woman can give to herself every day. Falling in love with someone is also known to be one of the best feelings in the world. It not only elates your mood and boosts your confidence levels, it is also known to offer great benefits to your looks and your health. They say that love is the best medicine for most of your problems, that love is all conquering and extremely powerful. Turns out that they’re totally right! So before you become jealous of that girl with clear skin and rosy cheeks, it makes sense to find out why being in love and making love may be the best things that you’ve done for your skin in a really long time. This article from OROGOLD Cosmetics examines why falling in love helps your skin.

Being in love reduces stress and improves your mood

Stress is one of the main causes of most of your breakouts and skin issues. Sex can prove to be a huge stress-buster, but things like cuddling, touching and hugging also work wonders in making you relax. In fact, a study conducted by researchers working for the University of North Carolina confirmed that couples enjoyed higher blood levels of oxytocins, a hormone that improves the mood and relieves stress, when they hug. Another study also confirmed that when couples were physically separated from each other, they had higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Making love can help your skin to glow

Everyone knows that making love can give your skin a beautiful glow. This is because making love improves your blood circulation, which helps to pump some oxygen to your skin and make it look brighter. It also makes your lips fuller, more kissable and attractive. Being in love is an ideal way to improve the shape of your lips and give them some extra color.

Love helps in controlling your acne breakouts

Making love reduces and balances your hormone levels to give you healthier hair and clearer skin. Anyone looking for an alternate for exercise?

It cleanses your pores

Depending on how heavy and hot things are while you make love, you can actually enjoy a free facial by sweating during sex. The sweat helps to cleanse grime, makeup residue and dirt from your skin and also works wonders in cleansing the pores. 

Love wards off aging

Being in love helps you to set back the body clock by a few years, as far as your appearance is concerned. People who make love often enjoy a better collagen production. This, in turn, helps to reduce sagging skin and age spots. This also means that you manage to keep your wrinkles at bay and negate the damaging effects of those stress-filled workdays.

Love prevents dry skin

Most women become less active sexually as they get older and this makes them hit menopause because of the fewer hormones in the body. Once a woman hits menopause, the quality of her skin diminishes and the face ends up being extremely dry.

Love makes your eyes look attractive and dramatic

Being in love can give you bigger pupils and this makes your eyes look more attractive. Studies have shown that men have always preferred women with enlarged pupils to women with small ones.

It keeps you hydrated

This doesn’t mean that you can skip out on drinking water or applying those night creams and day moisturizers, but making love can actually help your skin to look more hydrated because it allows the blood to circulate around your skin efficiently, thereby giving it the necessary moisture.

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