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OROGOLD Reports on Artificial Skin, The Wave of the Future – ORO GOLD Reviews

With modern day science developing at a rapid pace, you can find improvements and innovations in almost all spheres of life. One of the most researched sectors is medicine. There is a new study being carried out on a daily basis around the globe to advance medical science and develop solutions for diseases that are currently cannot be cured.  One development that is especially worth talking about is the use of advanced prosthetic limbs. These limbs are so advanced that they can actually be controlled by the brain. However, the problem with bionic arms and legs was that they never felt lifelike because of the absence of the skin, something that makes the body privy to touch and sensations.

OROGOLD Cosmetics came across a few reports which show that a new artificial skin has finally been developed by a group of Korean and American researchers. This artificial skin is believed to contain a huge network of sensors that have been made using gold and silicon and can mimic the sensitivity of real skin. According to Roozbeh Ghaffari, one of the researchers associated with the study, the amount of sensors that are present in this artificial skin is very important because having sensors at a higher resolution across the finger would allow a person to enjoy the same sense of touch that any normal skin would convey to the human brain. Robert also works for MC10, the startup behind those Biostamp stickers.

OROGOLD discovered reports which mentioned that this creation can actually detect heat, cold and pressure and even moisture. The study was published in the Nature Communications Journal on December 9, 2014. Since this particular artificial skin was designed for the bionic hands, researchers also managed to offer the skin with enough elasticity to allow users to stretch their fingers as if they really were real. However, it might take researchers some time to develop systems which allow users to enjoy the sense of touch as it is still difficult to determine exactly how to connect this artificial skin to the human nerves. In fact, this is the same problem that the RE-NET program from DARPA is trying to solve so that prosthetics can be seamlessly integrated into the human body.

The current group claims that the particular material used to design this skin makes it one of the most sensitive skins that have been created by man. However, this sensitive skin is certainly not the first of its kind. A group of researchers working for the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology had actually created artificial skin using nanoparticles of gold in the year 2013. A group of researchers working belonging to Georgia Tech are also trying to develop their own piece of technology that uses piezotronic transistors to function.

Smartphones and Smart watches are already upon us. It seems as if Smart skin is also around the corner. Hopefully, we will soon come across a time when it is entirely possible to replace entire body parts and increase life indefinitely. The holy grail of anti-aging might have taken centuries, but it seems that thanks to modern day science, we should actually begin to see some concrete results in the 2020s.

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