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Scientists Introduce the Anti-Aging Chocolate – OROGOLD Reviews

Anti-aging chocolate barMove over wrinkle treatments. Turns out that scientists have come up with something even more exciting to help us get rid of those pesky things! Yes, OROGOLD Cosmetics came across some exciting bit of news. A UK based company that is tied to the Cambridge University has come up with a brand new chocolate that has been enriched with algae extracts, cocoa polyphenols and 70% dark chocolate. Reports suggest that 7.5 grams of this chocolate could offer benefits that are equivalent to 100 grams of traditional dark chocolate or 300 grams of Alaskan salmon. To make things even more exciting, these chocolates are expected to be suitable for people with all types of skin and they are diabetic-friendly and vegan. But, no mention about the price tag yet!

The world’s first beauty chocolate has certainly been making the right waves around the globe. After all, eating your chocolate to beautiful looking skin is as exciting as pampering your skin for beautiful looks. The creators claim that this chocolate can work wonders in boosting circulation, helping out with detoxification and slowing down the signs of aging. OROGOLD Cosmetics came across reports that the chocolate could actually help the skin to look 30 years younger!

And considering that this beauty chocolate consists of just 39 calories in every bar, everything about this brand new fine-line-and-wrinkle-fighter seems to be too good to be true. Clinical trials have shown that the subjects who were aged between the years of 50 – 60 managed to enjoy an increased blood supply in their tissues and reduced inflammation after consuming a bar of this chocolate on a daily basis for a period of 3 weeks.

According to Dr. Joshua Zeichner, a director at the Mount Sinai Hospital, NYC; although the early results for the beauty chocolate seem to be very promising and exciting, more clinical trials are needed in order to properly confirm the results. Furthermore, experts also state that although the chocolate could help out with prevention, it cannot substitute sun protection, regular exercise, proper skin care and a balanced diet that is rich in leafy greens, fresh fruits and fish.

What do you have to say about eating chocolates to enjoy good skin and beautiful looks? Do you really think that dramatic changes in the world of anti-aging are just around the corner, as predicted? Let ORO GOLD know using the comments box below.

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