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24K DMAE Collection

The 24K DMAE Collection features DMAE as its main ingredient.  This highly potent ingredient is combined with many other skin improving ingredients to care for your skin. Watch Eliron, one of OROGOLD’s store managers, explain all you need to know about the 24K DMAE Collection.

4 Responses to "24K DMAE Collection"

  1. Avatar Mary Scucci

    I am unable to get the syringe open for the 24K DMAE Deep wrinkle tightening solution. There are not instructions. Please be specific because I don’t want to break the tube. Thank you.

    • Avatar Michelle Leong

      Hi Mary,

      Remove the clear cap and gold cover at the end of the syringe. Press down the plunger to dispense the product. If you are still having difficulties, please contact our customer support team for assistance: (877) 554-1777.

      Thank you,

  2. Avatar Vilma

    I need instructions on how to use 24K Deep Peeling please.
    Thank you,


      24K Deep Peeling Instructions:

      Use weekly. Apply a small amount of the 24K Deep Peeling to cleansed skin. Using circular motion, massage the peel onto your skin, avoiding the eye area. Once applied, rinse off with cool water.

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