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24K Eye Exclusive Collection

Eyes are among the most finicky areas of your skin thanks to how thin they are by nature. Fine lines, puffy eyes, and dark circles develop readily as it is harder to maintain the collagen and elasticity that keep eyes looking youthful. OROGOLD’s 24K Exclusive Eye Collection was designed with these faults of nature in mind to keep your eye’s looking youthful and healthy. By integrating vitamins A, C, and E alongside caffeine, these products help reduce the look of inflammation, encourage youthful skin and reduce the signs of aging by offering a multitude of skin loving ingredients. The¬†24K Exclusive Eye Collection contains everything that you need to make your eye area feel pampered and loved. Specially formulated products such as the 24K Dark Circle Eye Solution, 24K Intensive Eye Formula Cream and 24K Intensive Eye Serum come together to show your skin just how much you care. Try the entire collection together, as their formulas work best as team and support one another in ways other products don’t.¬†Start off on your adventure to younger looking eyes by adding the 24K Exclusive Eye Care Collection to your beauty regimen.

6 Responses to "24K Eye Exclusive Collection"

  1. Avatar Beth Faulkner

    Where can I purchase the e clubs ice eye collection?
    Thank you

  2. Avatar Nita Kersey

    I have tried this product, 24K orogold dark circle serum…I would like to receive the discount by receiving the newsletter and other discounts. thanks.


      Hi Nita,

      Thank you for your interest in the OROGOLD newsletter! Your name and email address has been added to our database. You will receive your first newsletter in October.

  3. Avatar Sheree Campbell

    I was in Key West in April of this year and tried the dark circle eye serum. I was very impressed; however my husband was impatient and very skeptical of the high price. I have still been thinking about it and want to possibly try the dark circle product again. How can I get this online and what is the cost?

    Sheree Campbell

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