Monthly Archives: March 2016

Recovering from Winter
Woman with beautiful feet Winter is particularly hard on everyone's skin. It has to do with the fact that the season's dry air constantly sucks moisture from the skin. This leads to various skin ills that, unless you head them off, become a problem the entire winter. Unfortunately, we...
Spring Fever Symptoms
Woman looking out of the window The change of seasons brings more with it than just a shift in the weather products that you need to be using. Your body begins to shift itself in response to the weather. Winter's short, dark days slowly give way to longer, sunnier...
Vegas: History Quick Picks
Las Vegas sign Everywhere has a history. This seems obvious given people themselves have them, but it is hard to think of some places as being anything other than an eternal constant. Las Vegas is one of those locations. Its glittering neon and endless reputation for entertainment seem to have...