Monthly Archives: June 2016

Hawaii Shark Study
Shark Visiting Hawaii for a vacation is a cliché at this point. It is the archetype for beautiful, tropical vacations and has been for a long time. There's a good reason for this. The islands are beautiful and offer exquisite scenery along with a rich history and culture...
Your Health and Volcanic Water
Woman drinking bottled water Trying to look after your health is an admirable thing. It takes effort, dedication, and a willingness to evaluate all possible ways that you can use to improve things. This can lead to taking in a lot of white noise from the many people cluttering...
Alcohol’s Effect on Your Skin
Women having drinks at a bar Most people enjoy a drink now and then. Typically people are inclined to have their drinks with dinner and this helps to complement the flavor. This isn't always the case though. Some of us opt to have a few drinks outside of the...