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Your Route to Velvety Skin


Age changes skin and seldom for the better. Trying to stave off and reverse those effects is the continual quest of good skin care. You’re interested in it, but OROGOLD is passionate about it. Our desire to find the true secrets and best tricks to skin care lead us to even look back to Ancient Egypt to see if people had forgotten anything. As a result, there is a certain level of know-how OROGOLD can offer about keeping your skin soft yet supple with age. We’ll go over a few of the better options while suggesting products that match a given category. You’re by no means required to use our suggested products, but it certainly couldn’t hurt.

Vitamin C Products
A good diet is part of whole body health, but a fun fact is that some of the things your body needs internally work well topically for the same reasons. Vitamin C, ascorbic acid in most products, is one of the crucial nutrients involved in skin health. It helps boost collagen product that helps even out fine lines and other forms of wrinkles or skin blemishes. Interesting when applied topically through skin care products that contain vitamin C (like our 24K Vitamin C Facial Booster Serum), the ascorbic acid also demonstrates the ability to help even out the look of your skin tone and reduce the appearance of skin discolorations. The additional inclusion of vitamin E in the product only makes the effects better as it supports similar kinds of skin health.

Part of the skin’s problems as it ages is that it retains less and less moisture. This contributes to the papery look that some skin gets with age. If there isn’t enough moisture in your skin, it quickly becomes obvious. The moisture is part of what helps keep your face full, but supple. Our 24K DMAE Lifting & Firming Cream blend skin supporting ingredients to leave your skin feeling velvety .

Eye Creams
Dark circles and puffiness around the eyes also increase with age. There are plenty of steps that you can take to help deal with this in particular. Routinely getting a good night’s sleep is especially important. Not only will it help with around your eyes, but it will help the rest of your body feel better as well. An eye cream is a good added step. Look for creams that include ingredients like green tea and caffeine, such as our 24K Intensive Eye Formula Cream, as they are known for helping you in your fight against puffiness by stimulating the way your skin feels in the right ways. Skin supporting vitamins in any good cream also help by returning the vigor of youth to the skin. Try to avoid using general facial skin products for under your eyes as the skin around your eyes is sensitive even when compared to the rest of the skin of your face.

The main thing to keep in mind when trying to maintain smooth and supple skin as you age is the ingredients in the products you use are important. More moisture is typically better unless your dermatologist says otherwise. Products that support collagen growth also help firming and smoothing out small imperfections. OROGOLD doesn’t suggest entirely changing your skin care routine so much as being more aware of what goes into your products. High quality ingredients inevitably make for a better product. And a quality product you hand pick for your skin? That’s sure to help you keep looking your best for years to come.

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66 Responses to "Your Route to Velvety Skin"

  1. Avatar Maribel

    I have oily skin so I really need a good oil control product and Id like to try orogold.

  2. Avatar Marie

    i Love moisturizing & taking care of the skin on my face…I think it is super important…Also the whole ancient egypt thing has always sparked such curiosity thinking did they have a secret to youth at one time!?

  3. Avatar Paula J

    I love DMAE creams. They make a huge difference in my skin. Gold face care is wedding day ideal!

  4. Avatar Joyce rutz

    Wow!!! I had an amazing experience today at orogold Dallas!! I still can’t believe how fast my wrinkles disappeared!! Jonathon reeled me in with samples and I’m glad he did!!! Great product and great staff!!

  5. Avatar Shauna c

    I just got the oragold peel product a week ago and my skin feel better and softer already..

  6. Avatar Rachel K

    I tried some samples after walking by the store on Madison… wow. I walked by the store to get some more free samples! Now I am going to the store to buy it – it moisturizes without feeling heavy.

  7. Avatar canderson

    I used a sample of the 24K moisturizer and loved it! The results after 2 days were clearly visible. Would like to try more products of this brand.

  8. Avatar Esin izci

    Orogold is a miracle product. I feel so special that i had a change to live that experience. Close your eyes and buy Orogold

  9. Avatar Surya Pandi

    Thanks for the brief explanation. I have oily skin

  10. Avatar edie m

    I tried a few samples of the face cream, and found it worked really really well, I highly recommend this product

  11. Avatar debbie kirk

    cant wait to try it, my skin needs help/

  12. Avatar Vrogers

    I have the whole Vitamin C collection and absolutely love it. My skin has never felt this soft from any other product. I guess the Victamin C really is the key!

  13. Avatar Liz G

    I recently started using products with vitamin C and I moisturize my skin daily since I was 18. I’m now 27 and I feel that my skin starts to need more attention because of my age. This text is super informative and very accurate!

  14. Avatar Stephanie Foy

    I have dry skin now that I’m getting older and have always battled dark circles. Thanks for the advice.

  15. Avatar Anita k

    This sounds fantastic.My daughter’s and sisters will be getting this for Christmas.Thanks so very much for sharing.

  16. Avatar Gloria Luongo

    I am looking forward to my next purchase of Orogold’s 24K DMAE Lifting & Firming Cream. I been using 24k Deep Day Moisturizer Cream and very happy with it. So I can’t wait to try my next purchase.

  17. Avatar Wanda Bergman

    OroGold sounds revolutionary! A lot of research has gone into its development.

  18. Avatar Luka

    I would love to try these out!

  19. Avatar Marnie G (Derrick Todd)

    Vitamin C really makes a big diffrence in skin care.

  20. Avatar Christy Peeples DuBois

    I do believe that quality ingredients work the best in most all products and I especially want that for my face. I know I need moisture however I have very oily skin at age 47 therefore I am not sure when I use moisturizers if they are making me more oily or helping to balance my skin. Thanks for a great review.

  21. Avatar Vanessa Brooks

    I enjoyed reading the article and I would absolutely love to try, I have super oily skin and I can never seem to calm it down no matter what products I try.

  22. Avatar Safi

    I have tried this product in the store and i love it.

  23. Avatar Oksana V.

    I have oily skin and its prevent my skin from getting old but still have acne problems/

  24. Avatar Sweta Sonulkar

    The cosmetics are just as the name specifies , works really like gold and charming skin

  25. Avatar Coline T.

    The more I see and read about these products I am really looking forward to having the privilege of experiencing these Oro Good products, for myself.

  26. Avatar Nikolina

    Really enjoyed reading the entire post, thank you!

  27. Avatar Sarah

    I have just had my 1st Oro Gold experience and tried the 24K intensive eye serum and the 24K dark circle eye solution. Both are fantastic, my eyes feel totally refreshed!

  28. Avatar Sandy Weinstein

    thank you for the review. i will have to read more abt these products. i like the ingredients of the Vitamin c, which is great for your skin as well as the dmae. i have never tried products with 24k gold in them before though. sounds like this is a great product for aging skin as well as anyone that wants their skin to look their best.

  29. Avatar Carolyn Barnett

    Vitamin C Products and Moisturizers and the Eye Creams help to nourish your skin and keep it looking smooth! Thank you for the information.

  30. Avatar Geralyn Robinson

    I have not tried the products yet, so my comment you may ask! My very good friend just purchased some of the OroGold products while in NYC and the difference with her skin and eyes is amazing.
    I hope to get my own products sooner rather than later.

  31. Avatar Yamileth

    I love OroGold!

  32. Avatar sue lee

    this post is so informative. Thank you for sharing this. I think Vitamin C is doing wonder for me and my skin too, it helps to fade my acne scar and brighten my skin with in a short time.

  33. Avatar MissCharles

    I love how you have mentioned Vitamin C too. This is something we often forget about with all the fast and processed foods out there but Vitamin C makes such a difference to your skin

  34. Avatar Olena

    Thank a lot for your review. Moisturizers are my lovely products in OROGOLD. I’m 43 and it very actually for me.

  35. Avatar Michelle Basdeo

    Love that you give information about healthy habits etc. And yes moisturizing is key as well as proper diet. Thank you for taking the time to explain what we need to know and should know.

  36. Avatar Carla W.

    Thank you for the GREAT advise! I have had dark circles around my eyes for as long as I remember and they seem to be getting worse now that I have aged.

  37. Avatar M.Clark

    I agree, it’s a good idea to use a vitamin C serum, a moisturizer, and an eye cream. There’s just one thing missing, a good cleanser. I love a good vitamin C serum and the 24K Vitamin C Facial Booster Serum is awesome. Thank you for sharing this post.

  38. Avatar Mary Songer

    Great information. What I like best about OROGOLD is the information that they provide. The articles, videos, and the reviews from people who have used the products. They want you to know what they offer, how it works, and how to apply it to get the optimum results.

  39. Avatar robyn donnelly

    This company has the best products on the market. High end quality and I would recommned to anyone.

  40. Avatar Rita Anderson

    All things we try to practice. If I could just catch up on my sleep!

  41. Avatar J Christensen

    Great info! Love the Vitamin C Deep Peeling the Caviar serum and the Oil Control face cream!

  42. Avatar Katherine Williams

    I love my Orogold products. Last week I just added to my collection: Eye Serum, Eye Formula Cream and Salt Scrub. The Salt Scrub was awesome after the first use.

  43. Avatar Rhonda

    Thank you for stating in the article that “the ingredients in the products you use are important.” Amen and Amen. For years, women have been told that it doesn’t really matter. Well, women like me, who love skincare and try different things know the difference. There are definitely products out there that help your skin greatly. I love the “passion” of OROGOLD.

  44. Avatar Linda Poplees

    As we get older our daily creams may not work as well. I am always interested in learning and trying new things. Thanks so much for the great information.

  45. Avatar LaTanya

    I look for the ingredient statement in almost every product that I buy including my body and face. Thanks for the information about looking for caffeine and tea for your eye products. That was something new that I learned.

  46. Avatar Irina G.

    Thanks for the useful informatiun!

  47. Avatar Claudette Lariviere

    This article details my greatest problem, dark circles under my eyes. I have had them since I was a tiny girl. It was for many decades only really noticeable when I was tired and needed sleep. Now they are always dark … And look even darker when tired. I’ve even noticed lately that my eyelids are darker than my skin tone. No matter how much concealer I apply there is places it’s so dark .. It won’t cover ,.,, I’m very self conscious of it, tried some creams and lotions but noithing changes. I would love to sample some …. To see if there truly is a cure, a fix for this lifetime problem. Thank you for everything….. I know a lot of hard work behind orogold is what is bringing products to the world … To give both women and men … A glowing completion

  48. Avatar K-Squared

    The products offered by this company, offer quality among the competitors. If you are looking for rejuvenation… an opportunity is waiting for you. Research has found that this unique opportunity is one for those using cosmetics that are able to meet national regulations as well as offer their customers visible benefits and enjoyable applications.

  49. Avatar cynthia knisely

    I really want to try your 24K Vitamin C B ooster Serum that helps produce collagen plus even out fine lines and wrinkles.
    I also want to try your 24KDMAE Lifting & Firming Cream. As I have gotten older my skin is dry and loosinf firmness. This product will hydrate my skin and also help firm my skin which I really need.



  51. Avatar Sakshi B

    Thanks for sharing! I have to show this to my mum!

  52. Avatar Pam Fiore

    As, I was watching the You Tube video, I nearly freaked out when she was holding that little white cap with in he beautiful Golden jar, I thought for sure that she was going to use that in her routine.
    I noticed that she did use her bare fingers a lot on her face, I am now thinking it might have been for the better if she had used the white cap liner(?). That could be washed and used over and over, clean, sanitary.
    I never use my fingers on my face, unless absolutely necessary. If, I get the chance to sample this effective quality product, I will use the little white sealer and/or another sponge(?)applicator.

  53. Avatar Ellen Hill

    I love love love the Orogold products I’ve tried. The eye serum and moiturizer are amazing. I cant wait to try the oil free products. Even at 60+ i have to worry about oil so oil free products by Orogold would be a plus for me. Cant wait to see if i grt to try these

  54. Avatar Helena

    Great review and nice informations.
    thank you for sharing!

  55. Avatar Trista

    I originally began using Orogolds 24K Thermal Mask and due to the vast difference in my skin my collection has grown. Great products with real gold in them!!

  56. Avatar Anne Marie Carter

    I am always looking for a product that really makes positive changes in my skin. My ageing skin has both age spots, wrinkles and clogged pores.

  57. Avatar Tom Thayer

    I’d love to win this for my wife. Not because she needs it, but because she would apperciate the thought. 🙂


    I would love to try your products…

  59. Avatar Janelle

    I am sure the green tea and caffeine in your eye cream would really help me on those nights I don’t get enough sleep!!

  60. Avatar Winona Tucker

    I love OROGOLD products!

  61. Avatar Dorothy McGuire

    After using the 24K DMAE Lifting and Firming cream for two weeks my aesthetician notice a dramatic difference in the texture and lifting and after a month of using the 24K Intensive eye gel and cream she was just amazed how my face glowed.

  62. Avatar marie

    I didn”t know thatcafeine was good for the circles it’s good to know !

  63. Avatar Michelle Mcguire

    This product amazed me

  64. Avatar HelenJ

    These Orgogold products look so awesome for refreshing and revitalising my skin.

  65. Avatar Teresa Miller

    I like knowing that Orogold looked back to Ancient Egypt for inspiration and ideas for skin care. I also like that they have Vitamin C in their skin care products. I knew it was good for your skin, but had no idea that it helps boost collagen to help diminish fine lines and even skin tone. The more I learn about Orogold products, the more I really want to try them.

  66. Avatar Jeanne Traeger

    I am still dealing with oily skin at age 66, so I would love to try these oil control products.

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